Genshin Impact: All 29 Horsetail Locations

Genshin Impact has a plethora of items that are used for crafting, cooking, alchemy, fishing and more. One of these items is the Horsetail, a popular item used primarily for cooking. A useful plant with a distinct purple featherlike shape.

Horsetail, so useful yet hard to find!

Genshin Impact: All 29 Horsetail Locations

Horsetail is an item primarily used in cooking and is found across the Liyue region. Mainly located within shallow waterbeds, there are a few known locations where an abundance of Horsetails can be farmed.



Three Horsetails can be found near Guili Plains along the shoreline beneath the wooden bridge.


The 4th Horsetail can be found near Dihua Marsh along the shoreline beneath the stone bridge.


Another four Horsetails can be found along the shoreline of Dihua Marsh near the stone bridge.


Two can be found on the small island between Dihua Marsh and Stone Gate.


The 11th Horsetail is located on the shoreline near the path towards Stone Gate.


The 12th can be found along the shoreline under Wuwang Hill.


Four Horsetails are located near the stone bridge in Stone Gate.


Three Horsetails are located on the island in Stone Gate.


Another Three Horsetails can be found along the South-Eastern shore of Stone Gate.


A couple of Horsetails are located along the Southern shore of Stone Gate.


The Final location is on the Northern shore of Stone Gate near the wooden bridge.

Those are all of the Horsetail locations in Genshin Impact.

Finding them isn’t hard, they are all located along the shoreline.

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