Genshin Impact: All 17 Blazin Trails Treasure Chest Location

July 17, 2022
It’s time to find All 17 Blazin Trails Treasure Chests in Genshin Impact!

With the new 2.8 version of Genshin Impact, players can play on the Golden Apple Archipelago and explore the map to do the new events and find plenty of treasure chests. There is a total of 17 Treasure Chests that can be obtained in the Blazin Trails and reward you with awesome rewards.

In this guide, we will show you All 17 Blazin Trails Treasure Chest Locations in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: All 17 Blazin Trails Treasure Chest Location

Chest #1

Common Chest – It is located before the first locked door where you have to glide down after witnessing a cutscene.

Chest #2

This Exquisite chest includes a key near the melodic harp and melodic pedals puzzle.

Chest #3

This common chest is located on the platform with the second Melodic Pedals puzzle.

Chest #4

This Exquisite Chest can be found near the Door of Resurrection and it can be opened after lighting up all four Pyro Monuments.

Chest #5

Once you light up all four Pyro Monuments, touch the crane once again, and it will lead you to the other platform where you will find a common chest.

Chest #6

Exquisite Chest – It is located on the same path from the Pyro Monuments and the Crane. You have to go outside the door where you will find the locked chest. Here you need to use the Melodic Harp to get the Reverberating Key and open the chest.

Chest #7

Once you open the Mirage Door with the Reverberating Key, enter inside and attempt the Time Trial Challenge to get the chest.

Chest #8

This common chest is a bit tricky because it always locks by itself when you come near it. In order to be unlocked, you will need to defeat all the opponents on the platform.

Chest #9

In the same area, on the upper platform, you can find this common chest trapped by the root. You are required to use the Melodic Harp to remove the root and unlock the chest.

Chest #10

This chest is on the next platform where you have to defeat all the hordes of Hilichurls and Lawachurls. Once you defeat them, the chest behind them will open.

Chest #11

In the same area, after getting the previous chest, you have to follow the crane through the door until it stops and the chest will be beside the second drum.

Chest #12

This chest is in the section where you exit the door shown in chest 11. From the left path, make your way until you see the Large Geo Slime guarding the chest. Defeat all opponents and the chest will unlock.

Chest #13

In order to open this Exquisite Chest, you need to complete the Time Trial Challenge. After the challenge, the chest will spawn near the other island’s door of resurrection.

Chest #14

This Exquisite Chest can be found in the last area near the Echoing Conch. In order to unlock it, you will need the Harp.

Chest #15

It is located at the next platform, where you have to pass on the melody puzzle. It is trapped by the root and you have to use the Melodic harp to destroy the root and open the chest.

The last 3 chests are hidden and locked in the cave where you enter through the Mirage Door. They are blocked by the Melodic Wall. All you need to do is to use the Melodic Harp and with the bouncing melody to hit the wall and destroy it.