Genshin Impact: Adjust The Night Raven’s Sight Line To Solve The Puzzle

July 18, 2022
There is something wrong with the Night Raven’s Sight Line! Let’s solve another puzzle in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact surprised us with another puzzle that needs to be solved. Approach the special device, Gaze of the Deep, and use it to observe your surroundings and find certain misplaced images. They seem to be connected to their surroundings somehow.

This guide will show you how to Adjust Night Raven’s Sight line to solve the puzzle in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: Adjust The Night Raven’s Sight Line To Solve The Puzzle

You need to move the vision of the Gaze of the Deep to move the incorrectly placed pictures in four directions and bring them closer to their original spots.

Adjust the zoom of the view that can be seen through the Gaze of the Deep to more accurately place the incorrectly located pictures back to their original. Also, in the same time while zooming, have to move the pictures back to their proper places and restore the path to normal.

In the first adjustment, you have to move a part of the stairs and move the wall to the right place where the edges will match the fixed walls. Move the image to the right position as it is shown on the image below to pass this Night Raven’s Sight.

Once you adjust this sight, follow the path through the stairs to come to the next Gaze of the Deep.

On the next adjustment, you will have to place another part of the stairs in the right location. Move it and zoom in a little, then take an image shot as it is shown on the image below to adjust the stairs to their right place.

From here, go up the stairs and walk on the moving platform. Once you step inside, it will go down and something will change around you.

Go again in the same Gaze of the Deep, and move the camera up where you will notice that there is another part of the wall which is misplaced.

Move it around to adjust it in same line with the wall behind it.

Once you are done with this sight, use the same moving platform and go to the upper level where you will be able to pass through the wall that you just adjusted.

At this portion, you will receive another notification that you will need to repair the bridge. Here you will find 2 Gaze of the Deep, and make sure to use the right one. Anyway, if you are not on the right Gaze of the Deep, a message will appear on the screen telling you to go and use another Gaze of the Deep.

The next adjustment might be a bit tricky because it is not so visible and you might get confused about what to move or adjust on the image.

To fix this, just place the bridge at the same location as it is shown in the image below and take your shot.

From here, you can go to the last Gaze of the Deep and place the bridge on the right place in line with the fixed wall on the right side.

With this last adjustment of the bridge, you can continue forward following the path through the bridge and enter the castle.