Genshin Impact: A Strange And Friendless Road Quest Guide

July 13, 2022
The new 2.8 Version is finally here fully packed with amazing events!

Genshin Impacts is introducing the new 2.8 Version with plenty of new events for its fans. “A Strange and Friendless Road” is an event that is part of Kaedehara Kazuha’s Story Quest. The following quest has 3 separate story quests and we are here to show you every step to make it done.

This guide will show you A Strange and Friendless Road Quest in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: A Strange And Friendless Road Quest Guide

A Strange and Friendless Road quest has its own three story-quests that you have to complete separately.

The first is “Upon the Plain, a Purple Shadow, the Second is “Through the Mist, a Name Unveiled”, and the Third is “Ere the End, A Glance Back”.

Upon the Plain, a Purple Shadow

At the beginning of the quest, you will have to make your way to Byakko Plain located south of Konda Village. Check the marked location on the image below.

Once you get there, you will find Paimon who will ask for help from you. Travelers will be mistakenly attacked by an unknown attacker at Byakko Plain and you are the one who has to defeat this attacker.

After defeating the attacker, you need to go to Ritou and look for Kazuha, because Traveler and Paimon went there to tell Kazuha about the unknown attacker.

Ritou is located northwest of Konda Village, and once you get there you have to speak with Chao at the ship dock. He will ask the Traveler to go to Tenryou Commission.

From there, Chao will ask you to go to Tenryou Commission headquarters in Inazuma City and speak with Kazuha about what happened with the traveler and the unknown attacker. After the short dialogue with Kazuha, the quest will be completed.

Through the Mist, a Name Unveiled

As the quests start, you have to go to Inazuma City, in the northern part, and speak with Ryuuji. In the dialogue with him, he won’t give you many information about the attacks, but fortunately, he will give you details about the recent disappearance of two men.

One of the missing men is Amenoma Yuuya who is the nephew of Anenoma Tougo, the owner of the Smithy.

After you talk with Ryuuji, make your way to Amenoma Tougo’s smithy who is located in Inazuma City. He will share the same details with you that his nephew is missing after he went to collect some items for Mr. Nagato.

There was a fire breakout and suddenly, both people went missing.

Once you finish the talk with Amenoma Tougo, he will guide you to go to the Nagato household and find out what happened. Nagato house is located in the northern part of Inazuma City.

Here you will have another dialogue with Nagato Sachiko. She will tell you what happened and will guide you to go to the warehouse to investigate.

Once you get to the burned-out warehouse, Kazuha will pick up some scents. You will need to follow the scent and look for clues.

After interacting with the light marker near the warehouse, you have to continue looking for Tatarigami energy which is shown on the small map on your screen marked with a yellow circle.

At this place, follow the black smoke by using the Elemental Sight and defeat a group of Hilichurls.

After investigating the area, you will find out that Yuuya started the fire at the warehouse and wounded Mr. Nagato. Keep following the scent using the Elemental Sight and then you will come to an island on the western side of Inazuma city. To get to the island you have to use the wind rings.

Once you arrive on the island, you will encounter the Unknow Attacker. Defeat the attacker and after the dialogue, you will find out that the Unknow Attacker is actually Amenoma Yuuya and the quest will be completed.

Ere the End, a Glance Back

At the start of the quest, you will have to go to the blade-testing venue, located at the eastern part of Mt. Yougou in Inazuma City. Check the marked location on the image below.

Once you get there, you will have to start the Occupied Hold, which is a party level 90. Start the event and defeat the 3 warriors. Be careful, once you defeat them they will duplicate themselves.

You have to continue through the area and defeat all the opponents. Once you defeat the second wave, Kazuha’s sword will become purple and will affect an aura from the cursed blade, but after defeating the big warrior in the third room, the sword will get back to normal and the aura will be gone.

Talk to the Prized Isshin Blade who will ask you for a fight in order to release Amenoma Yuuya and restore his consciousness. In the middle of the conversation, Amenoma Yuuua will be restored and you will need to fulfil the cursed blade’s wish.

To do that, you have to back to Byakko Plain and head to the beach at the marked location on the map.

Here at the beach, you need to have a duel with Amenoma Yuuya, and once you defeat him you will fulfill the wish of the cursed blade.

Now, make your way back to Amenoma Smithy, and talk to Amenoma Tougo about the various things that happened.

After leaving the Amenoma Smithy, you will learn of the blades’ final words from Kazuha.

From here, go back to Kujou Kamaji and accompany Kazuha while giving him a response. He will be wondering what blade is holding Kazuha. After the short explanation from Kazuha, she will look for her next destination. She will be gone and you will complete the quest.