Genshin Impact: A Single Harmony For An Irreplaceable Soul Quest Guide

One of the newer quests in Genshin Impact is the Single Harmony For An Irreplaceable Soul which will take you quite some time to complete. You and Ganyu will have aagreed to look separately for clues about the woman in Dvorak’s Story. Now it’s time for you to meet up and get to the bottom of this.

In this guide, you will see how you can complete the “A single harmony for an irreplaceable soul” quest in Genshin Impact.

A Single Harmony For An Irreplaceable Soul Quest Guide

This quest will begin once the timer of the game itself reaches 08:00 and is only available until 10:00.

Once the time is right, you will head to the Yujing Terrace and talk to Ganyu. The location for this objective is pretty close into the city and won’t require you much time to get to it, simply follow the yellow marker.

After speaking with Ganyu, the investigation will begin and it’s now your duty to head over to the very north part of the map at Mt. Aocang and start looking for clues.

Once you get there, you will see that there is nobody there, which seems odd. Ganyu was expecting the Cloud Retainer to be at this area but nowhere to be found.

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Now you are needed to check all other adepti abodes, one by one.

Your new objective now is to go into the pool and swim around and pretend that you are drowning. Soon Paimon will scream for help and someone will grab her and take her to shore. This someone is Xiao.

Paimon will explain everything to Shenhe and the Conqueror of Demons about the whole situation in the upcoming cut-scene. Paimon is explaining about some sort of music coming from a strange area which Shenhe knows about.

Your next objective is to follow Shenhe to her cultivation place. This area is going to be just northeast from Mt. Aocang, you will see the yellow marker on the map.

Once you get to the area where Shenhe showed you, you will end up meeting the Cloud Retainer where you are told to go towards Guili Plains where you will find your next objective.

This spot is on a beach, you Ganyu, Paimon and the Cloud Retainer will be there. Here you are introduced with the name “Guizhong” which means the God of Dust.  After the discussion, you will enter a cut-scene in which everything about the God of Dust is explained.

The Cloud Retainer here will give you all the needed information to continue with your investigation. Then you decide that you need to return to Liyue Harbor and talk to Madame Ping.

Madame Ping will tell you a story about the God of Dust, here she will also mention a mechanism that she has gotten as a gift from the Cloud Retainer. This will be a slightly longer conversation and will end up in you getting more information as well as deciding to head over to Dvorak and speak with him.

Dvorak will give you more information that will lead you towards the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor where you will see a festival there. After a conversation with the girls who are performing there, you will need to head over to Mt. Hulao where you are going to find the Illuminated Deer and the Illuminated Bird.

Your quest adventure is slowly coming to an end once you’ve spoken with the Illuminated Deer and Bird. After the conversation, you need to head back to Liyue Harbor and attend the festival.

And with that, the quest “A Single Harmony for an Irreplaacable Soul” will be completed for Genshin Impact.