Genshin Impact: 3 Precious Chests Location Broken Isle

July 17, 2022
The 3 Precious Chests are waiting for you on Broken Isle!

There are 3 Precious Chests locked behind a musical gate in an underground area of the Broken Isles. The cave is full of water and will require solving the Pyro Monument puzzle to drain all the water from the cave.

In this guide, we will show you the # Precious Chests Location on Broken Isle!

Genshin Impact: 3 Precious Chests Location Broken Isle

The 3 precious chests are located in a cave on the Broken Isle. This cave can be found on the northwest side of the island, and its entrance can be found if you set the height of the mountain to small.

You can lower the mountain by using the Island’s Stirring Strings drum in Broken Isle.

Once you are inside the cave, you will have to light up all the Pyro Pillars to lower the water in the cave and give you access to the second Pyro Pillar and torches.

After the water is drained, the chests are still locked behind a musical wall. This wall can be destroyed with the Melodic Harp puzzle which is in the same area.

You will need to use Xinyan’s Drum to change to a Tall Mountain Style in order to get to the root. Like this, you will close the cave entrance and have to teleport using a Mirage Door in the middle of the island.

Go back inside the cave, and follow the path through the wooden platform where you will come to the Mirage Door. Enter inside and use the lever to raise the gate that you will need for later, then use the door again back into the cave.

Once the gate is unlocked, you will need to switch to a Tall Mountain Style by using the Xinyan’s Drum to get rid of the root blocking the musical wall.

Go to the cave again in the middle of Broken Isle and use the Mirage Door to teleport to the water cave in the Tall Mountain.

You will come to the area with the Melodic Harp Puzzle. Here you need to rotate the flowers in the right direction for the melody sound to bounce from one to each other to the right direction that the last flower will bounce the melody to the musical wall and get access to the Precious Chests.