Genshin Impact 2.8 World Quest – Film Notes

July 14, 2022
It's time to unlock the Film Notes World Quest, the appropriate script dialogue options, and a quest walkthrough.

With the release of the Genshin Impact 2.8 update, several new global quests are now available. One of the many missions introduced in the 2.8 update that grants completionists free Primogems and other useful materials is Film Notes.

Here is a comprehensive walkthrough for the Genshin Impact Film Notes global quest in case you need it. 

Genshin Impact 2.8 World Quest – Film Notes

It’s important to note that completing The Seventh Samurai challenge is required to start the Film Notes world quest. Additionally, this manual is split into two distinct sections that are as follows:

Part 1: Film Notes World Quest – Outlander Brigade

A detailed walkthrough for the first stage of the Film Notes global quest is provided below:

1.      At the Kamisato Estate, speak with Furuta.

Talking with Furuta, an NPC that spawns at Kamisato Estate will begin the Film Notes quest. In order to move east, transfer to Kamisato Estate Waypoint.

2.              Find Xavier in the city of Inazuma.

Go east after teleporting to the Inazuma City south destination node. To read the screenplay and start the shoot, speak with Xavier.

3.              Pick the right lines.

The following stage involves reading the script and selecting the appropriate lines:

  • How did this happen?
  • But I won’t lose like this?
  • Don’t underestimate my resolve.

4.              Win the shoot’s battles and save the two actors.

Five bandits will appear nearby shortly after that, whom the player must defeat. Eliminate them, then free the performers by releasing them from their cages.

5.              In Inazuma City, visit the Uyuu Restaurant.

To reach Uyuu Restaurant, travel back to the very same waypoint. After speaking with Xavier, go out of the restaurant.

The first section of the Film Notes quest, the Outlander Brigade, will then be recorded as finished, and the player will gain the following prizes: 30 Primogems, 200 Adventure EXP, and 20,000 Mora.

Part 2: Film Notes World Quest – Mushounin

To finish the second section of the Film Notes world quest, take the following steps:

1.      Have a conversation with Koharu and Sasano, the performers.

Get out of the restaurant to find your two co-actors and speak with them. On your map, their positions are indicated. Sasano is at the Ritou whereas Koharu can be found at the Kamisato Estate.

2.              Set the game’s timer to 18:00.

Tap on Paimon’s head in the upper left corner of the Genshin Impact app to launch the in-game clock. Next, press the Time button to set the timer to 18:00.

3.              Visit Komore Teahouse.

Find the room where Xavier and your fellow actors are by going to the Komore Teahouse in the City named Inazuma. Start the next act of filming by speaking with Xavier.

4.              When prompted, choose the following conversation boxes.

  • Can the dust settle before vengeance is had?
  • Whoever’s eavesdropping outside, come on in.
  • It wasn’t your adoptive parents who died.
  • (Point to the left)

5.              Reset the in-game time to 18:00.

You have to reset your in-game clock after the sequence is over. In the upper left corner, tap on the head of Paimon. Next, click the Time option and change the time to 8:00.

6.              Invade Nazuchi Beach and vanquish the opponents.

Go west after teleporting to the Nazuchi Beach waypoint. A number of foes will appear in front of you after a brief cutscene. Beat them to go on.

7.              To start the shoot and accomplish the following tasks, speak with Xavier.

Start the shoot by speaking with Xavier. The player must stay within the shooting zone of the Film Kamera and not venture outside of it, then defeat the three opponents and should change positions three times by stepping upon the blue markers.

8.              Set the time in-game to 18:00 and proceed to the specified location.

The player needs to reset their in-game clock after the shoot is over. Next, teleport to Inazuma City, which is a quest marker, and travel the east to the specified place. The very top of the large rock formation will be occupied by Xavier and your other performers. To reach there, use the Thunder Spheres and Electrogranum.

9.              Talk with Xavier and choose the conversations.

By selecting the appropriate lines from your script, complete the last act. Once you’ve said the second line, you’ll also need to battle and defeat Sasano.

  1. So he’s gone
  2. I’m sorry, I…
  3. I said the same thing once
  4. I really like you, Machiko

      10. To finish the second section of the mission, speak with Xavier.

Head north after finishing the third act, then utilize the Thunder Spheres and Electrogranum to get back up. Finally, to finish the objective, speak with Xavier.

The second section of the Film Notes quest, Mushounin, will then be recorded as finished, and the player will earn the following rewards: 40 Primogems, 300 Adventure EXP, 300 Hero’s Wit, 20,000 Mora, and 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore.