Frozen Flame: How To Get Poison Boar Skin

November 22, 2022
Here is how you get the poison boar skin!

Meditating inside a large dead tree located in the Broken Valley is a druid that would ask you to kill a poison boar and get its skin. He says he would use the rare skin on one of his drums. Now it’s your job to prepare yourself and hunt down that poison boar. Without the proper materials to counter its attacks – poison, obviously – you’d have a hard time dealing with it.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to defeat the poison boar and get its coveted skin.

How To Get Poison Boar Skin – Frozen Flame

To start the quest that would ask you to finish off the poison boar, head over to the marked point on the map as shown in the image above.

There, you should see a giant tree that you can enter. It’s best that you just fly and enter the tree from the top.

Inside the tree is the druid we speak of. Talking to him should activate the Skin for a Drum quest which involves defeating the poison boar.

Now prepare to hunt down the poison boar. For one, you would need to lure it out using food that it likes – the Scalding Broth.

To get a Scalding Broth, head over to your Campfire and cook one.

You would need one Poisonous Ink Cap Mushroom and one Summer Wood Beetle to cook the Scalding Broth.

Simply select them on the crafting menu after interacting with the campfire to start cooking.

After successfully cooking the Scalding Broth, its recipe should automatically be added to your cookbook.

Now that we have the item to lure out the poison boar, head over to the quest marker shown on your map. It should be somewhere near Cradle of Keepers.

As you would expect, the poison boar is located near a poison swamp.

To lure the boss enemy out, use the Scalding Broth on the dead tree stump with some glowing green light. It should immediately appear as soon as you place the Scalding Broth.

Try your best to take down the poison boar. We sure hope that you brought several healing items as you would constantly need to manage your health bar because of the poison.

We recommend that you keep your distance as you attack.

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After taking down the poison boar, interact with it to loot the items it carries. This includes the Ulcerous Hide, which is the poison boar skin the druid wants you to collect.

All you have to do now is to go back to the druid and report.

He would reward you a Cursed Tambourine and a Large Flame Essence for your troubles.