Frozen Flame: How To Defeat A Stone Elemental

November 21, 2022
Leave no stones unturned! Defeat the Stone Elemental!

Near the quest marker ‘Help Hornhead’ within the Cradle of Keepers lurks the formidable Stone Elemental. While elementals aren’t particularly new enemies, especially in RPGs such as Frozen Flame, the Stone Elemental in Cradle of Keepers can give you a challenge more than you think.

If you are one of those that are currently struggling to fend off this sturdy boss, then you have come to the right place! Read on as we show you how to defeat the Stone Elemental in Frozen Flame.

How To Defeat A Stone Elemental – Frozen Flame

You can find the Stone Elemental near the ‘Help Hornhead’ quest marker and on some clearing surrounded by glowing pink jellyfish.

At first, the elemental should be dormant. But once you get close to it enough, it should slowly get up and start attacking you.

Defeating the Stone Elemental is pretty straightforward, to be honest. Just keep your distance and attack him from range.

Slowly chip away at his health using your ranged attacks while also studying his attack patterns. Knowing what his visual cues are would help you dodge his powerful attacks.

Keep in mind that the pink jellyfish would also attack you if you get close to them or you hit them with something.

Aim your attacks directly at his head. This shouldn’t be that much of a challenge as the Stone Elemental is big and is moving slowly enough for you to hit your targets right.

Just continue attacking while moving away. Soon enough, you should see his health go down.

After taking down the Stone Elemental, get on top of him to take your reward.

Defeating the Stone Elemental should reward you with a healthy chunk of XP and some Sky Crystals.