Frozen Flame: How To Craft Woven Backpack

November 21, 2022
Expand your inventory in Frozen Flame!

Frozen Flame has a lot of items and a very nice crafting system. Those things will inevitably lead to some overcrowding in your inventory if you do not give it enough attention. A Woven Backpack can be equipped to increase your carrying capacity.

A Woven Backpack can be created using a Stone Workbench and some materials that you can collect from some enemies. Here is a guide on how to craft a Woven Backpack in Frozen Flame.

How To Craft Woven Backpack – Frozen Flame

The necessary ingredients to craft a Woven Backpack are:

  • 15 Fabric
  • 5 Large Boar Hide
  • 5 Nibbler Leather

Crafting a Woven Backpack will increase your maximum carry weight by 50, allowing you to collect more items before becoming overencumbered.

Fabric is easily obtained from enemies, prime sources would be the Cursed ones in the Cradle of Keepers.

Large Boar Hide can be collected at the Broken Valley. There are a few Large Boars in the vicinity that you can take down and then loot for their hide.

Stay alert as Large Boars will be accompanied by regular Boars and will charge at you when provoked.

Nibbler Leather can also be collected at the Broken Valley. Nibblers are small little dragon enemies that can spew fireballs at you. You can defeat them and collect their leather afterwards.

Once you have all of the necessary ingredients, you can head to a Stone Workbench and craft the Woven Backpack there.

Simply press the Craft button and you can now enjoy your expanded carrying capacity!