Frozen Flame: How To Craft Water Vessel

November 22, 2022
Craft a Water Vessel in Frozen Flame!

Frozen Flame contains all sorts of interesting items and enemies to encounter. One such item is the Water Vessel. Water Vessels are useful items that are needed if you want to create important potions for your adventures. They can also be used in cooking.

To craft a Water Vessel, you will have to bring Empty Waterskins to the Fountain in the Broken Valley and collect the water there. Here is a guide on how to craft Water Vessels in Frozen Flame.

How To Craft Water Vessel – Frozen Flame

The first step to getting Water Vessels is to craft Empty Waterskins. They can be made with 1 Nibbler Leather and 1 Fiber.

Fiber can be collected from plants that flourish around the lands and Nibbler Leather can be collected from defeated Nibblers.

Once you have the necessary materials, you can go to a Stone Workbench and craft any amount of Empty Waterskins that you need.

Next you will have to fill these waterskins with some water to turn them into Water Vessels.

You now must teleport to the Broken Valley.

Upon arriving at the Broken Valley, you can take a look to the southeast portion of the map. The island over there is where the Fountain resides.

You can use your powers of flight to glide across to the other floating islands and reach the Fountain.

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Simply approach the Fountain and interact with it to turn your Empty Waterskins into Water Vessels!