Frostglaze Crystal Location: Genshin Impact

April 3, 2022
Look deep within the caves to find the Frostglaze Crystal.

The Frostglaze Crystal is an interesting quest item that can be found in the depths of The Chasm. This cold chilling crystal represents a message left by Zhiqiong. An interesting quest that will give us more information on where Zhiqiong has left or if she will come back.

This guide will show you the Frostglaze Crystal Location in Genshin Impact.

Frostglaze Crystal Location: Genshin Impact

The Frostglaze crystal is located in The Glowing Narrows area. In the western area, right after you pass the cave path, you will come to an opening with a lot of giant stone bridges.

As you look at the room from east to west, you will need to hug the left side of the wall until you reach a certain area.

Until you reach that area, you will need to jump some cliffs and pass some giant holes. As you continue your journey to the marked area, you will see a small camp in the corner of the wall.

There will be a fire lit up in that area and you will find a letter that is glowing.

You will have the option to interact with Zhiqiong’s Letter and pick it up. After you pick it up, you will obtain the Frostglaze Crystal in your inventory, in the quests section.