Genshin Impact: Frost Mirror Beam Puzzle Guide

In order to unlock certain doors and entrances, you must firstly do a type of a puzzle, the game offers different variants of puzzles. From unlocking purple pillars, following blue mystic force or even aligning frozen water mirrors to guide a small ball of light into a pointed location, which when completed right, it can get you secret treasures and open gates!

In this guide you will learn how the Frost Mirror Puzzle works and how to solve it.

Frost Mirror Puzzle Guide – Genshin Impact

In order to solve the puzzle, we firstly must learn how the puzzle itself works. So the rules are pretty simple, guide the light to the marked location using 4 mirrors that rotate.

These mirrors can turn into ice if you wish the ball of light to reflect from it and go to its guided direction, or, turn it in water so the yellow ball of light can move through the mirror and go to its guided direction.

The mirrors turn in a 45 degree angle in a 360 degree rotation. You melt the ice on the mirror by shooting it with a flame bow. And to turn it back to ice, you simply go to it and freeze it.

How to solve Puzzle

The puzzle for the mirror is located at The Realms Gateway. It’s a puzzle where once you finish it, you go inside a room and collect treasure!

In our situation, we are given 4 mirrors and one light ball to go to the opposite direction of where it’s located.

What we must do is melt the first mirror and guide the ball to the right side towards the second mirror. The second mirror needs to stay frozen so it shoots the blue light ball towards the third melted mirror and then the light ball will reach its desired destination. Once that is done you will get a chest for loot.

The second puzzle is where you need to move the light ball right next to its starting point. To do so you must have the first mirror melted and face it towards the second one.

The second mirror is supposed to be frozen and facing the third one. The third is also needed to be frozen and hit the fourth one. Then the fourth mirror needs to be frozen and aligned right towards the lighting point.

Once all that is done, the light ball needs to hit its light point and you shall receive another chest with goodies and the door will open.

Once you jump down inside the gate that opened you need to do one more puzzle in order to get the biggest chest with the bigger loot. Once this puzzle is done, a secret wall will open up, leading you downstairs for the bigger loot.

The puzzle right now is containing 5 mirrors and are very simple to figure out. All the 5 mirrors need to be frozen and just in a snake pattern they need to guide the light to reach its final destination.

Once that is all done, you gain a chest with goodies and the final secret door opens where you get even more loot.

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