Free Noise Cancellation Programs | Read Our Best Choice!

July 26, 2022
If you are getting annoyed by the background noise while you are working, check one of the best noise-canceling programs!

Noise cancellation software improves the audio in video and audio conference calls by real-time removal of unwanted background noise. There are plenty of audio tools that allow you to perform this task, but only a few of them are truly good at it. Whether you’re a remote worker, a podcaster, or doing a presentation, for sure you will want the cleanest audio you can get.

In this guide, we will show you the best Free Noise Cancellation Programs!

Free Noise Cancellation Programs | Read Our Best Choice!


If you are doing moderated virtual meetings, for sure you know the frustration of constantly asking participants to mute their microphones, and no one seems to listen.

Krisp is an AI-powered desktop app designed to solve this problem by muting background noise and removing echoes on both sides of a conference call. This app also includes HD Voice mode for making your voice sound louder and clearer.

The application can work with over 800 conferencing tools, including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Skype. It is compatible with any headset, microphone, or speaker.

Krisp is one of the easiest apps to use compared to the others because there is no need to create a sound profile or adjust settings. You simply toggle a switch and you’re on your way to clearer conference calls. Additionally, this app will allow you to record your meeting audio and share it with your colleagues.

About the pricing, Krisp comes with a free plan that will allow you 240 minutes per week of microphone and speaker noise removal. If you need more than that the cost is only $5 per month for unlimited minutes of noise-free conferencing.



This is a lightweight noise gate application for filtering out background noise and microphone hiss on an application like Skype. NoiseGator routes audio from input to output and analyzes the decibel level in real-time.

If the average level is below the threshold that you’ve specified, the “gate” closes and cuts the audio. This will isolate the sounds that you want to hear.

In order to use NoiseGator with input as your microphone or output as your speakers, you will need a virtual audio cable.

Everything to be smooth, there are some settings that you need to adjust within the app, including audio threshold, attack time, and release time. This will make NoiseGator ideal for those users who prefer more options for configuration.

NoiseGator is a completely free application without any cost, and it is an open source.


This app is best for post-recording noise canceling. If you already have a recording and need to get the pitch-perfect sound, then you can do it with Audacity.

This is the perfect software for professional podcasters and video creators who want to remove or lower the noises on their recordings. The tools that it has will allow you to add special effects and filter out noises that are covering up your speech.

It is pretty usable even to lower ambient background sounds, not to distract listeners or make the conversation unintelligible. It’s important to know that it doesn’t remove the noises completely because it is a noise reduction functionality that filters sound based on volume, sensitivity, and frequency smoothing.

Audacity has a steep learning curve as it requires its users to learn all the functions and choose the best noise reduction settings. You need to select a noise portion from your audio and tell the app what you want to remove from the rest of the audio.


This program is the best for masking unwanted noises with white noises to help you relax, sleep, or work. It is an ambient soundscape that is working as a noise canceling app.

myNoise can mask the background noises that you don’t want to hear with ambient sounds or white noises that you love. With this app you can also cancel out the unwanted noises and get into the sounds that will help you to focus on your work and relax, or even fall asleep.

Compared to the others, this app can be modeled to the frequency characteristics of the noise that muddles you, achieving a better camouflage effect.

myNoise is available on many platforms, Windows, Alexa smart home devices, iOS, and Android.

About the pricing, this application is completely free to use and ad-free. You can pay if you want for additional individual sounds that aren’t in the free catalog.

Samson Sound Deck

Samson Sound Deck is the best for canceling repetitive sounds in the background and improving the quality of your audio. It identifies repetitive ambient noises, such as computer fan whines, power supply hums, and other kinds of annoying background chatters.

It removes all these noises from the input signal of noisy homes, offices, and outdoor environments in order to produce clearer and more detailed vocals in your phone or video calls. This mostly improves listening intelligibility when communicating with someone in a noisy environment.

This program is available on Windows and macOS, and it has free to download. Also, for more features, there is a version to upgrade for only $3.99