Foxhole: Storage Depots And Personal Stockpiles Guide

October 3, 2022
Here you can learn how to create Storage Depots and Personal Stockpiles in Foxhole!

Foxhole is a massive online war game, in which every player contributes to the war with a specific effort through logistics, base building, combat, and more. There are plenty of materials and ingredients you must gather during the entire game time and have a proper place where you can store them, and of course, never run out of stock. Having big enough storage depots and Personal Stockpiles will definitely help you sustain in the big war in Foxhole.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about the Storage Depots and Personal Stockpiles in Foxhole!

Storage Depots And Personal Stockpiles Guide – Foxhole

Storage Depot

You can bring all the crates produced in the factory to the nearest storage facility and have other people take care of the distribution to the front line.

All you need to do is to open the storage depot there you will see the inventory of the truck with plenty of crates.

Just right-click on the crates and then select “Submit all to stockpile”.

Storing Vehicles

There is also a possibility to store vehicles. You can go to the storage facility and see if a Holder or Atlas hauler is available.

You can also submit your own truck to the stockpile, and all you need to do that is to press “E” to open the storage depot and in the actions panel you will find the Submit Vehicle button.

If you click that, it will put the truck inside the storage facility.

Now, to get your truck out, go to the stockpile, go to the vehicle menu and then click on the R-1 Hauler and it will start assembling it.

Once it’s done assembling, it will appear on the loading dock, on the side of the storage facility you can hop in and drive it away.

The only downside is when you store it inside the storage depot, it will lose all fuel that was there before.

Storing Materials

To store your materials, you need to go to the storage depot, and press “E” to open it. There will be all your materials that you carry on your vehicle.

Right-click on any of the items and then select “Submit to Stockpile”.

You can select the right amount of the item that you want to be stored in the stockpile and then press submit.

Creating Personal Stockpiles

If you want to make a personal stockpile, you need to go to the storage depot, and press “E” to open the menu of storage depot.

Down below in the action panel, there is a big plus icon named “Create Reserve Stockpile”.

Clicking on that button will open another window where you have to put a name for a reserve stockpile, submit it, and then you will get your stockpile that is entirely empty.

The reserve stockpile has an expiry time, and it means after the time is done, whatever is in the stockpile will be released to the public stockpile unless you reset the timer, and to do it, you need to submit more stuff to the personal stockpile.

In order to put stuff into your personal stockpile, make sure that you are in the right stockpile.

Then from your R-1 Hauler truck inventory you can click on the items and submit them all to the stockpile.