Foxhole: Small Gauge Trains Guide

October 4, 2022
Hop aboard the trains in Foxhole!

Foxhole is a cooperative multiplayer sandbox game where players work with hundreds of others to fight in a persistent online war. Every player contributes, meaning that each player’s action has an overreaching effect across the state of the war. Players get to build huge structures in order to facilitate the production of weapons and machines that they need for the war. Trains are a great and efficient way of managing your production, so any knowledge about them may turn out useful.

Here’s a guide for Small Gauge Trains in Foxhole.

Small Gauge Trains Guide – Foxhole

Small Train Locomotives and Container Cars can be made in the Light Vehicle Assembly Station.

They are mainly used in logistics for transporting resources from your stockpile to your other structures.

There are three small gauge train vehicles you can produce from the Light Vehicle Assembly:

  • Small Train Locomotive
  • Small Flatbed Car
  • Small Container Car

The Small Train Locomotive is the main driving force that can be coupled with up to four Flatbed or Container cars. After being assembled it needs to be placed on a track using a crane.

To place down a track, you simply need 25 Construction Materials and place down the track on any appropriate surface. There are three types of Small Gauge Railway Tracks that you can use for your trains:

  • The regular Small Gauge Railway Track
  • Small Gauge Railway Tracks (Biarc) used for special bends
  • Small Gauge Railway Tracks (Foundation) that is meant to go over foundations.

Once on the track, in order to move the Small Train Locomotive needs to be powered with coal.

These small vehicles form the backbone of your logistical systems. Once you’ve set up the structures, tracks and vehicles they will be able to handle your processes mostly without any need for manual input. This efficient improvement to your processes saves you time that you can use in other parts of the game.