Foxhole: Power Plants And Power Networks Guide

October 3, 2022
Power Plants and Power Networks are the main sources that will keep you winning in Foxhole!

Foxhole is a massive online war game in which the effort of all players together will lead to victory. Everyone has a different role that contributes to the entire base and army. There are many resources and buildings that are part of the entire system and your main job is to know how to manage and work on them. The Power Plants and Power Networks are something that has to operate all of the time and keep up the functionality of all other operating facilities, machines, and vehicles.

In this guide, you can find everything about the Power Plants and Power Networks in Foxhole!

Power Plants And Power Networks Guide – Foxhole

Power Plants

Most of the facilities in Foxhole require power in order to operate, and to get power you need to build a power generator.

To do that, you have to go to the build menu by pressing “B” and then go to the power category where you can see there is two types of power generation. You can find the diesel power plant that is available early in the game, and also there is the power station that is available in the late game.

1. Building a Diesel Power Plant

To build a diesel power plant you will need a construction vehicle and 150 Basic materials. Once it is built, it will produce 5 MW every 45 seconds at the cost of 25 liters of diesel.

At your construction vehicle, which has the necessary basic materials in its inventory, press “Q” to hop in, and then press “B” to open the build menu, go to the power category and select the Diesel Power Plant.

After that, you will get the blueprint of the facility and you can place it anywhere on the ground and start building it with your construction vehicle.

Press left-click and it will put down the blueprint and while holding down the left mouse button, it will build the diesel plant.

2. Diesel Power Plant Menu

Once you finish building the diesel power station, you can go there and press “E” to open up the menu where you can see on the left side is the inventory.

In the middle is the production panel which shows which recipes are available in the diesel power plant, and on the right is stockpile which shows how much power you are generating and how much power is being used.

3. Refueling Diesel Power Plant

There are different ways of fueling the Diesel power plant:

  • Refuel by Hand

To refuel by hand, you will need a Jerrycan of diesel into your equipment slot, and then press “3” to equip it.

Go close to the diesel power plant, and then with right-click aim anti-diesel power plant, and then hold the left-mouse button to start refueling it.

The maximum amount that can be filled is 100 diesel, and the moment you start to refueling, it will start working.

  • Refuel by Fuel Truck

Another way to refuel the diesel power plant is with the help of a fuel truck. First you must make sure to have diesel fuel in your truck.

Come to the diesel power plant and press “E” to open the menu, and in the status panel where the diesel bar is, you can click on the button to start refueling from a nearby source, in this situation your fuel truck.

  • Refuel by Fuel Container

This is the third way to refuel the diesel power plant, and you will need to bring a static liquid container on a flatbed truck that contains diesel.

Make sure that you have a crane that will help you to hoist up the container and place it next to the diesel power plant.

You can change the orientation of the container and when you get the cross arrow pointer on the ground means that you are allowed to place it on that specific spot.

Once it’s placed on the ground, go next to it and press “E” to start unpackaging it. After it is 100% done, you can press “E” again and enter inside the menu.

In the status panel, you can click on the refuel button and it will attach with a hose to the diesel power plant and refuel it constantly.

Power Network Connections

To get the produced power from the diesel power plant to the facility that needs power you are required to have power cables.

The cables will connect on the diesel power plant and on the facility connection point which is above the door.

Power cables can’t glitch through the building and you must put them around the building to connect it to the main source.

The only way to do it by using the power poles since you can’t connect building to building.

To build the power pole, press ”B” to open the build menu, and go to the power category where you will find the power pole.

Once you click it, you will get the blueprint and can place it anywhere around your facility.

After you place it, you can click on the power pole and then aim with the powerline to the nearby source and the facility that needs to connect to power.

To disconnect a facility from the power network, you have to go to the facility, press “E” to open it up, and in the Actions panel, there is a button that says “Disconnect All”, and it will disconnect all power lines that are attached to that particular structure.

You can do the same thing through the power pole, and then all the wires will be remowed.