Foxhole Facilities: Large Assembly Factory Guide

October 3, 2022
Start producing with the Large Assembly Factory in Foxhole!

Foxhole is a cooperative multiplayer sandbox game where players work with hundreds of others to fight in a persistent online war. Every player contributes, meaning that each player’s action has an overreaching effect across the state of the war. In the game, you can improve your conditions by building facilities that let you create even better facilities and equipment. One such structure is the Large Assembly Factory.

Here’s a guide for the Large Assembly Factory in Foxhole.

Large Assembly Factory Guide – Foxhole Facilities

The Large Assembly Factory allows players to construct important vehicles, namely train locomotives and their various cars. Upon upgrading it, it can even produce heavy tanks.

So if a player wants to focus on battle, then this is one of the structures they would want to prioritize.

First, you will need the required materials. To build a Large Assembly Factory you will need a Construction Vehicle and 250 construction materials.

Simply just click the icon and place it down on a suitable Foundation.

Once built, the Large Assembly Factory unlocks four recipes by default:

  • BMS Black Bolt (Locomotive)
  • BMS Rockhold (Container Car)
  • BMS Holdout (Infantry Car)
  • BMS Longrider (Flatbed Car)

The Large Assembly Factory has 2 possible upgrades that unlocks even more recipes:

  • Train Assembly
  • Heavy Tank Assembly

The Large Assembly Factory is one of the structures that prioritize the creation of vehicles.

At the start it can only produce trains and its respective cars, but it can grow into a source of heavy firepower once upgraded.