Foxhole: Build Material Pallets, Sand Bags, Barbed Wire & Tank Traps

October 3, 2022
Here’s a Tutorial on how to Build Material Pallets, Sand Bags, Barbed Wire, and Tank Traps in Foxhole!

In Foxhole, there are plenty of structures that you can build in order to protect and most of them can be complex architectural masterpieces. There are plenty of materials that you will need to gather and deliver to your base where you can do a certain job with them. There are some basic builds such as sandbags, barbed wires, and tank traps that are very important for your protection from the enemy, and you must know how to build them.

This guide will show you How to Build Material Pallets, Sand Bags, Barbed Wire, and Tank Traps in Foxhole!

Build Material Pallets, Sand Bags, Barbed Wire & Tank Traps – Foxhole

Making Material Pallets

Material pallets are one of the main items that are needed to build tank traps, sandbags, walls, and barbed wire. You will need pallets with relevant building materials and they can be made in the construction yard.

Press “M” to open your map and you can find the construction yard. Check the image below for the exact location on the map.

Once you get there, press “E” to open the construction yard, and there you will find different types of pallets that you can build.

To build them, you must make sure to have 100 basic materials in your backpack, select which one of the build material pallets you want to build.

Click on it, and then it will show you a blueprint on the map where you will start hammering the basic materials by holding the left mouse button.

Once the pallet is done, you will need to package it, and you can hoist it up with the crane.

To do that just press “E” on the metal beam pallet and in the “Actions” panel you click the Package icon and it will start packaging the pallet.

As soon as it is packaged, you can hop into the crane. Use the right click to aim the arm of the crane and the left click to connect it to the pallet.  

Then by holding the left mouse button, you can move it out and drop the pallet on the ground so it can be delivered.

Tank Traps

To build tank traps, you will need a pallet with metal beams.

To start building it, you just have to come to the pallet and press “E” to open it, and then press on the metal beam and it will equip over the shoulder.

While you have equipped it on your character, just go where you want to have your tank trap on the ground, and press “B” to open the build menu and select the Tank Trap.

Once you do that, you get the blueprint where you want to place it on the ground.

If you hold the right mouse button you can actually rotate it for the right positioning.

Sand Bags

To build the sandbag wall, first, you need a sandbag that can be obtained from the sandbag pallet.

Press “E” on the sandbag pallet and click on one of the sandbags, and then it will be equipped with you and can be moved wherever you want on the map.

Once you have it on the right place, press “B” to open the build menu, and then select descent back cover. With this you will get to the starting point of the sandbag wall.

With your right mouse button you can rotate it and place it on the right orientation.

Once it is placed down, you will get the blueprint on which you have to place the sandbags from the sandbag pallet.

This is a basic sandbag wall. You can crouch behind it, but if you stan you will be exposed. Because of that, you can upgrade the wall to tier 2 sandbag wall, and to do that, you will need more sandbags.

Go back to the sandbag pallet, equip more sandbags, and then come back to the wall. Now press “F” to go into upgrade mode, and then aim at the sandbag wall and press “E” to upgrade the sandbag wall.

You will get a larger blueprint and same as before, you just need more sandbags from the pallet to complete the Tier 2 Sandbag wall.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire works the same as sandbags. First of all, you need to go to the pallet with barbed wire and press “E” to open it. Then in the menu slick on the Barbed Wire.

Once you have it equipped, just walk where you want to have it placed, press “B” to open the build menu and select the barbed wire.

Then it will appear on the map, and you can adjust its position of it with your mouse.

Press left click for the starting position, and then you can pull it out to the end point of the barbed wire.

Once it’s placed down, you will need two more barbed wires to complete the blueprint.