Foxhole: Basic Tank Guide

October 4, 2022
Blast your enemies with tanks in Foxhole!

Foxhole is a cooperative multiplayer sandbox game where players work with hundreds of others to fight in a persistent online war. Every player contributes, meaning that each player’s action has an overreaching effect across the state of the war. Players get to build huge structures in order to facilitate the production of weapons and machines that they need for the war. Tank combat is a major part of the war, so it’s best to learn about its basics.

Here’s a basic guide for Tanks in Foxhole.

Basic Tank Guide – Foxhole

Tank Types

Tanks can come in a few different types. Look at the list below and see what kind of tank appeals to you and fits your playstyle.

Light/Scout Tanks

These tanks trade off armor and health for mobility. While these are not the best for combat, they play roughly the same to the other tanks. Samples of these tanks include:

  • H-5 “Hatchet”
  • H-8 “Kranesca”
  • Devitt Mark-III
  • Devitt Ironhide Mark-IV
  • Devitt-Caine Mark-IV MMR
  • King Spire Mark-I
  • King Gallant Mark-II

Assault/Medium Tanks

These tanks are a great middle ground that combine decent amounts of health, speed, maneuverability and armor. Samples of this type include:

  • 85K-a “Spatha”
  • 85K-b “Falchion”
  • Silverhand – Mk. IV
  • Silverhand Chieftain – Mk. VI

Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers, of course, are mainly focused on taking out enemy tanks. As they will usually only have that one objective, these tanks are ill-suited for taking down structures. Samples of this type include:

  • Noble Widow MK.XIV
  • H-10 “Pelekys”

Tank Ammo

Tanks can wield various types of ammo, each with an advantage. Notice what you’d need on the battlefield and prepare accordingly.

  • 40 mm – best general ammo
  • 68 mm – best for armored targets, very little damage to structures
  • 250 mm – best damage for structures, but has very short range

Tank Crew

A tank will usually be manned by 2-3 players, each with a different role. The most important part of a tank’s success will be the communication between these three players.


The most important person involved with the tank. They handle movement and the life of the tank heavily rests on their shoulders.


The second most important person related to the tank. This role requires the most communication skills and experience as they should be the one to make decisions about where to go or what to do.


Most times, it’s the least important role in the tank. The gunner requires the least amount of experience and operates any of the tanks offensive weaponry.

And that’s a basic guide to tanks in Foxhole!