Fortnite: Tank Spawn Locations

Fortnite’s latest Chapter 3 Season 2 has added tanks to the game and many players are wondering where they can get their hands on one. In this guide, we will tell you all the spawn locations in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Tank Spawn Locations

Some of the locations where you can obtain a tank are Command Tavern, The Fortress, Tilted Towers, Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, The Daily Bugle and Coney Crossroads.

You will most likely find these tanks in areas denoted by red lines that are controlled by the Imagined Order in the game since their guards patrol the area using these tanks and will attack you on sight.

Now it’s time to discuss the exact spawn location of tanks in each of these areas. Do note that there is no guarantee that the tank will always spawn in the area since each game is different and there are chances of other players taking the tank.

In the Command Tavern area, you will find the tank on the east side at the bottom of the mountain near a fenced location marked above.

At The Fortress area, you will find the tank on the west side parked inside a dome-shaped structure. Be careful of the IO guards close to the tank.

In the Tilted Towers, the tank is located in a Garage area close to the Reboot Van at the area marked above.

In Rocky Reels, you will find the tank in the centre of the area and you need to be careful of the IO guards as they can spawn inside the tank.

In Condo Canyon, you will be able to locate the tank close to the reboot van next to the building with a green roof.

In the Daily Bugle, the tank can be found on the southern side at the location marked above.

At the Coney Crossroads, you will find the tanks near the gas stations but you need to be careful as they are usually controlled by IO guards

That’s it, these are all the spawn locations where you will be able to find a tank in Fortnite!

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