Fortnite: How To Get Chrome Splash

September 21, 2022
Let no walls bound you using the new Chrome Splash!

Fortnite has sustained its massive popularity among gamers young and old due to its admirable dedication to pump out new content constantly. For instance, it has again brought a ton of changes alongside the game’s new Chapter 3, Season 4 update.

Perhaps the biggest of them is the new throwable item called the ‘Chrome Splash.’ This item adds a new layer to the core gameplay of Fortnite as it gives players the ability to walk through chromified walls. Needless to say, it unlocks new strategies and ways to get ahead of the competition.

But how do you exactly get them? Here is how you can get the new Chrome Splash in Fortnite.

How to Get Chrome Splash – Fortnite

Finding a Chrome Splash isn’t really a challenge, as it can be found as ground loot in the game. This means you may see it lying on the ground or within the chests that you open.

It can also drop from destroying the objects around you, especially chrome-colored ones.

Thankfully, using it is fairly straightforward as well. Simply select it in your inventory and throw it to a wall you want to get chromified.

After chromifying the wall, you may now phase through it by simply walking past it.

Take note that you may also chromify yourself by throwing the item near you.

When chromed, you can turn into a blob to move around the map quickly by phasing through walls.

After a while, you should turn back to normal.

You may only phase through walls using the Chrome Splash, however, any object, chromified or not, cannot be phased through.

Now that is how you get the new Chrome Splash. Take full advantage of the mobility it gives you and dominate the competition.