FORTNITE: How to Complete all Prowler Challenges (Quickly)

Published: 20 Apr 2022
Time to see how we can complete all the Prowler Quests in Fortnite!

The Prowler Quests in Fortnite is a challenging system that will require the player to perform a specific task in order to complete it and earn cool rewards such as skins, currency, and emotes. Completing the quest will require the character to hop into a Battle Royale game to face different opponents and go through many obstacles.

This guide will show you how to quickly complete all the Prowler Challenges in Fortnite.

FORTNITE: How to Complete all Prowler Challenges (Quickly)

Headshot Opponents with a Thermal Weapon 3 Times

This challenge is tricky, as you are required to jump in a game and search for a thermal weapon to begin shooting opponents in the heat.

When you jump down, go to The Fortress area, where you have higher chances of finding the Thermal Weapon. Once obtained, your choice is to see how you like to perform all 3 shots, close-ranged, or long distance.

Collect Different Weapon Types of Epic Rarity or Higher in a Single Match

This challenge is easy. Just try to survive as long as possible until you find the three different weapons with epic rarity or higher.

You can enter the Command Caverns, which is a larger area and filled with high-quality loot. Search that area and you will be able to find the weapons for the challenge.

Modify a Vehicle and Drive it for 500 Meters in a Single Match

For this challenge, your main goal is to first find a place where there is a vehicle. This should be pretty common because there are vehicles almost everywhere on the map.

It’s common to find a wheel or a vehicle-related part that you can use to modify your vehicle. Simply slap the part on the car and start driving.

Use a Spray at the Daily Bugle

This is just easy. Simply head over to the Daily Bugle, located on the northeast side of the map, and use any type of spray. You just need to be at the location and spray.

Search Chests Before Taking Any Damage in a Match

This challenge is completed almost every single time you land. To guarantee that you will complete the challenge, try landing somewhere where people are not present. That way you will secure the challenge easily.

The hard part of the challenge is that you need to do this 7 times. Simply run away from enemy players, and sneak around areas to be as silent as possible.

Collect 300 Bars

Bars can be collected efficiently by killing players and collect it from them, you can also try to roam around the map and find some. This task will require you to stay alive as much as possible in order to collect all 300 bars.

Deal 500 Damage to Opponents by Crouching or Sliding

For this challenge, you can always just crouch around areas or slide and damage opponents. A great way to safely complete the challenge is to use a sniper and crouch from a long distance while damaging opponents.

List of Prowler Challenges Rewards

Here is the list of all the rewards that you can obtain by completing all the Prowler Challenges:

  • Sky Prowler (Glider)
  • On the Prowl (Loading Screen)
  • Banner Icon (Banner Icon)
  • Prowler (Outfit)
  • Mark of the Prowler (Wrap)
  • Prowler’s Grasp (Emoticon)
  • Slash and Smash (Built-in-Emote)
  • Energy Claw (Harvesting Tool)
  • Prowler Tag (Spray)