Forspoken: Poppet Trader Location

January 23, 2023
Let’s see where the Poppet Trader is located in Forspoken.

Forspoken is a brand new game that features many things. In this open world RPG you get to complete various missions as well as world quests which can help your character become stronger and more prepared for upcoming battles. The Poppet Trader tends to hide well. It’s time that we finally find him.

This guide will show you where exactly the Poppet Trader is located in Forspoken.

Poppet Trader Location

The Poppet Trader is an NPC that is located in the center of the town. He will make things easier for you as he will try to ask you something whenever you go near him.

Open up your map when inside the town and at the center of the marketplace, you will see a question mark.

Walk up to that area and begin your conversation with the poppet trainer where you will be introduced with the Poppet trading system.

As you play Forspoken, you will find different puppets around the map. These puppets can be collected and brought to the puppet trader in return for some unique items.

There is 1 type of a puppet and you can collect multiple of them. Once you have the exact required number for said specific item, you can make a successful trade.

We hope this guide helped you find and learn more about the puppets and trader himself in Forspoken. Stay tuned gamers for many new guides.