Forspoken: Dauntless Cloak Location

Forspoken is a brand new game that features many things. In this open world RPG you get to complete various missions as well as world quests which can help your character become stronger and more prepared for upcoming battles. Various equipment pieces hide around the map as well as the Dauntless Cloak. Let’s roam around this open world and see where we can find it.

The guide below will show you exactly where you need to go to locate the Dauntless Cloak in Forspoken.

Dauntless Cloak Location

To begin your adventure, you need to head over to the very east part of the map and go towards the northern area at the Praenost zone.

Once you are in that zone, move towards the Brass Hollow area at the east part of it.

At this area, you will have a quest called Brass Cavern which requires you to go inside a cave and scout the area.

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As you continue scouting towards your desired cape, you will notice a shiny chest as well as an enemy. Upon defeating the enemy, you will see that the chest’s barrier slowly banishes and grants you access towards it.

Now head over to that chest and open it to reveal the Dauntless Cloak.

This cloak will help you gain more stamina by converting a percentage of the damage taken.

We really hope this guide has helped you make your way around the Dauntless cape in Forspoken and found it’s specific location.