Force Of Nature 2: How To Get Iron

September 13, 2022
Get your Pickaxe and let’s go gather some Iron in Force of Nature 2!

Force of Nature 2 will take your time building, crafting, and exploring the world of this amazing survival, action-adventure strategy, and resource management game. If you are a fan of crafting games, this is the right one for you. Almost the entire game is about gathering and crafting materials in order to upgrade buildings, weapons, gear, and much more. Iron is one of the common materials that you are going to use in the crafting process, and you should always keep your stock full of iron.

This guide will show you How To Get Iron in Force of Nature 2!

How To Get Iron in Force Of Nature 2

Iron is one of the common metal materials in Force of Nature 2 which can be sourced from coins, ore, and forged from some other ingots.

If you want to find iron, you have to search the map and look for iron-breaking rocks, which are spread all around the map. You just need your pickaxe and start breaking the rocks.

Like this, you can obtain a lot of Iron ore, and then continue crafting into the further processes.

Before starting the crafting process of iron, you need to discover Iron Processing from your Discovery Table.

Once you have discovered Iron processing, you can continue to the next step, which is the Stone Mill building.

To build the Stone Mill you need the following resources:

  • 15 Stone
  • 10 Clay
  • 10 Sand
  • 5 Log

In the Stone Mill, you can craft Iron Ore into Fine iron ore. For this process, you need only 1 Iron ore, and it takes 30 seconds to be crafted.

Once you get enough Fine iron ores, you can continue crafting them into an Iron Ingot. But first, you will have to upgrade your Stone Mill in order to unlock the Iron Ingot.

The Iron Ingot can be crafted in two ways, from ore and scrap. The easiest way is to craft it from ores, but also if you have some spare scraps, you can use them and obtain more Iron ingots.

In order to craft the Iron ingot, you will need the following resources:

  • 2 Fine iron ore
  • 10 Coal
  • 5 Ember

To craft one Iron ingot, it takes 50 seconds.

The iron is needed for plenty of equipment and weapons in the game that you are going to craft even early in the game.

That’s it! Now you can go and start with gathering and craft all the iron that you need in Force of Nature 2.