Force Of Nature 2: How To Get Copper

September 13, 2022
Let’s learn How To Get Copper in Force of Nature 2!

Force of Nature 2 is a combination of survival, sandbox, action-adventure, RPG, strategy, and resource management game where you can find a lot of adventures full of mystery, exploration, and magic. You will be busy building and upgrading your base and for that has to farm a lot of resources. Copper is one of the common resources that you will need to focus on farming even in the early game, and today we are going to tell you everything about getting Copper.

Keep reading our guide and find out How To Get Copper in Force of Nature 2!

How To Get Copper in Force Of Nature 2

Copper is one of the metals within the game that can be sourced from coins, ore, and forged from other ingots. All the ingots can be crafted with the Blast Furnace.

Some of the copper can be obtained from the bearing rocks that have streaks of greenish veins, and also from smelting copper coins.

Whenever you get out of stock, you can go around the map and look for these rocks and collect tons of copper. Make sure always to have enough, because you will need much more copper as you progress through the game.

Fine Copper Ore

First of all, after collecting a certain amount of Copper Ore, you will need to craft it into a Fine Copper Ore by using the Stone mill.

To build the Stone Mill you need few basic resources which can be easily obtained. All you need is:

  • 15 Stone
  • 10 Clay
  • 10 Sand
  • 5 Log
  • 10 Rope

In the Stone Mill, you can craft Fine copper ore for 15 seconds each, and that requires only 1 Copper ore.

Copper Ingot

After crafting the Fine copper ore, the next level of copper is the Copper ingot that can be crafted in the Blast Furnace.

During the game, you will need to unlock the Blast Furnace. In order to build it, you will need the following resources:

  • 30 Stone
  • 15 Clay
  • 15 Sand

Once you build the Blast Furnace, you can start crafting the Copper ingot.

To craft one Copper ingot it takes 30 seconds, and you need the following resources:

  • 2 Fine copper ore
  • 7 Coal
  • 3 Ember

The Copper ingot is the highest level of Copper that you can craft and can be used for crafting and upgrading some of the higher-rank weapons and gear in the game.

Now, knowing all the processes for obtaining Copper in Force of Nature 2, starting from the Copper ore, then crafting it into a Fine copper ore, and finally, to the Copper ingot, you will never get out of any Copper in the game.