Football Manager 2023: How To Install Kits

October 22, 2022
Here you can learn How To Install Kits in Football Manager 2023!

Football Manager 2023 is almost here, and it will be released on November 8, 2022. As it’s known, it comes with plenty of features for the fans, and one of them is the Kit packs that are a rite of passage and a tradition for Football Manager fans each year. Because the clubs in the game won’t have their real kit due to licensing issues, but with these kits, you will bring back the authenticity to each club.

In this guide, we will show you How To Install Kits in Football Manager 2023!

How To Install Kits – Football Manager 2023

Before installing real kits in Football Manager, you have to find kit packs online. Actually, if you google FM 23 kit packs, you will find tons of them that you can download for free.

Step 1: Find a kit pack that you like

There are a few best online places where you can download one of the best kit pacs:

  • SortItOutSi
  • FC’12
  • FMInside
  • TCMLogos

These online sites have all of the latest and updated kits over the course of a regular Football Manager season.

Some of them will be for individual leagues while some of them are big compilation packs.

If you go to FMInside, you will find tons of options for tons of leagues that you can download. For example, click on the Premier League and then you can simply click the download link which will bring you to a Premiere League page and here now you can click on the MediaFire download.

Step 2: Extract the Zip Files

To extract the files, you will need third-party software like 7zip or WinRar. After that, go to your downloads and right-click on the folder and click “Extract Here”

The file will be extracted very quickly, and then you can open it and see that all of the latest Premier League kits are there.

Step 3: Move the kits to the game directory folder

You have to move the downloaded folder into the correct place to make sure the game can recognize it.

The default location for your football manager files should be in your document, but this might depend on where you save your games on your computer.

You have to go into the following file:

Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2023/graphics

Take note that the graphics folder might not be there, but you can create it manually.

In this folder copy and paste the downloaded folder with the kits inside.

Step 4: Make it work in Football Manager 23

The final step is to go into Football Manager, then open up your save file and head to the club page where you can see the kits to make sure this works.

Then you have to go up to the FM drop-down menu on the right top side of the screen and then select “Preferences”.

Once you are in preferences, click on Advanced settings, use the drop-down menu on the right, and then select “Interface”.

Under interface about halfway down the screen, you’re going to tick the option “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences”.

Then on the bottom left you need to go to the reset menu and click “Clear Cache”, and then press confirm. You will get a message that the game is changing its skin.