Football Manager 2023: How To Install Facepacks

Football Manager 2023 is coming soon on November 8, 2023, and similarly, like every previous year, it comes with another face packs that players can get. Face packs are real images and skins of the real player faces that Football Manager can easily draw from to bring them to life in the game. If you are wondering how to install Facepacks in Football Manager 2023, then we will help you out.

In this guide, you can learn How to Install Facepacks in Football Manager 2023!

How To Install Facepacks – Football Manager 2023

Facepacks in Football Manager bring in real player faces to the game to add a little bit more immersion to your save files.

Step 1: Find and Download your Facepak

Step one is to find a face pack that you like the look of. There are tons out there and if you Google FM 23 Face Pack, you will get a load of results.

Once you found something that you like, you just have to click on Download Complete Pack, and it will start downloading for you.

There is one trick, if you already have the face packs from the previous Football Manager, and you don’t mind having the most up-to-date faces, you can just copy and paste your face pack from a previous FM game file.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded files

In step 2 you need to extract the files that you just downloaded. Once it is complete, you can find your downloaded file in your file browser.

Most of the graphical packs have a large size because of the many files inside, and most of the time they come in different packs which means you have to download them separately.

To unpack these files, you will need a special software tool such as 7zip or Winrar.

You need to extract the content into the following folder:

Windows: User\<your username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\ Football Manager XXXX\graphics\

Mac OS: Users\Your Mac Username\Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive

Take note that it is possible the graphics folder doesn’t exist, but you can create it manually.

Step 3: Make it work in Football Manager

Launch Football Manager and go to “Preferences”. You can find it on the start screen on the right side of the screen.

After the preferences screen is up, click on the “Advanced” settings, and then on the right side on the screen select “Interface”.

Then, you have to tick the option from the menu “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences”.

After you are done with making these changes, you can click “Confirm”.

Once it’s done, the game will show you a message that the skin is being loaded, and after that you can check the graphics that you have added.