Fluid Principles Event Guide: Genshin Impact

April 25, 2022
Check out this guide to complete the Fluid Principles Event in Genshin Impact!

There are tons of quests and missions for players to complete in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the Fluid Principles event in the game.

Fluid Principles Event Guide: Genshin Impact

The Fluid Principles event is part of the Vibro-Crystal Research Day 4 challenge in the game. During this event, you will need to choose 4 characters each and divide them into 2 separate teams.

For the first team, we recommend that you select Kokomi, Katya, Rosaria and Sucrose for your first team. You can go with Noelle, Xiangling, Kazuha and Barabara to create the second team.

The Vibro Crystal pattern for the first and second half will be shown below. It is best to go with a Vibro Crystal Setup that has the first two transmitters attached to the Resurgent Receiver in order to receive extra HP.

You will then need to connect the third transmitter to the Mighty Receiver so all your characters can benefit from a 35% attack buff.

Do note that you won’t be able to enjoy the buffs from the Crystals if you don’t fulfil the conditions required to trigger them. For example, the Skill Transmitter won’t be activated if your character doesn’t use an elemental skill.

So in order to receive more harmonics points, you will need to use trigger these crystals as often as possible.

When the challenge begins, you need to score the maximum points possible by defeating nearby enemies. You will be able to interrupt the attack of your enemies and pull them towards you by using Sucrose’s or Kazuha’s skills.

By using this tactic, you can easily clear the first few waves of weaker enemies. This will help you prepare for the tougher enemies that you will encounter later and score more points

One important thing to note that is then whenever a character in your team uses an elemental skill or burst then all the other members will lose their 0.25%+25% of their maximum HP for a period of 10 seconds because of the Bloodletting Curse.

Your currently active character will also be downed due to the effect of this curse.

In order to mitigate its effects, you will need to bring a healer along with you such as Barbara or Kokomi. The Hydro abilities of these characters will also help you deal with enemies equipped with a Pyro shield that you will encounter during the challenge.

In order to score over 2000 points, you will need to find and defeat enemies with the highest amount of points. It is ideal that you target them as soon as they spawn so you can maximize your score during the event.

Another type of enemy that you need to watch out for is the marked enemies since they are different from the normal type of enemies. Killing them will fetch you some good points in the event.

There are plenty of rewards if you manage to complete the challenge with a decent score. For a score of 500 points, you will receive 70 Priomgems,20000 Mora and 2 Lustrous Stones.

Next for a score of 1000 points, you will be rewarded with 20000 Mora, 2 Hero’s Wits and 5 Luminous sands in addition to rewards for the previous score.

Finally, if you score 2000 points or more, you will get 20000 Mora and 3 Mystic Enchantment Ore on top of the rewards of the previous two scores.

That’s it, now follow the instructions above to complete the Fluid Principles challenge in the game!