Fix: 7 Days To Die God Mode Not Working

April 3, 2023
Check this guide to learn how to fix God Mode in 7 Days to Die!

7 Days to Die is a survival horror open-world title that combines various elements from shooting, tower defence and role-playing games. Just like any other online game, you can access the debug menu to enable the god menu to get the power of invincibility for your character and protect it from taking any damage from enemies, players or other items. However, there can be certain situations or times where the god mode simply doesn’t work or gets enabled in the server.

This guide will tell you how to fix god mode not working in the game.

7 Days To Die God Mode Not Working

In order to enable the god mode, you will first need to open the command console in the game by pressing the F1 button on your keyboard. You can also press the F2,@, Ñ keys to access the command console.

Once the console appears type the debugmenu and creativemenu commands to enable the cheat mode. You can also enter dm in the command menu to activate cheat mode.

Now press Q on your keyboard to enable God Mode and the phrase “God Mode Enabled” will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can now also access the creative menu by pressing U which will allow you to enable the Flying Mode and the No Clip mode to bypass objects and avoid a collision.

By pressing Q, you can toggle God Mode at any point, granting you the power of invincibility and protecting you from all sorts of damage.

In case, God Mode isn’t working for you then chances are that the debug menu itself isn’t enabled. To fix this, open the console by pressing F1 and type the “debugmenu” command to enable the debug mode and then press Q to activate God Mode.

Without activating the creative mode or debug menu in the command console, the God Mode won’t be enabled which is something a lot of players often tend to forget during their playthrough.

Another important thing is having admin powers in your own server which allows you to access the command console.

If your character is stuck in God Mode then open the command console and enable the debug menu by typing dm.

Enter the command debuff god and the God Mode will be disabled. The easiest way to toggle God Mode on and off is by pressing the Q button after enabling the debug menu.

You can also access the debug mode by pressing the Esc button after activating debug menu. This will allow you to teleport, change day and time, increase/decrease speed, enable God Mode, Fly Mode, No Collision Mode, Invisibility etc.

Some players have also reported that deleting the config files in the game’s directory also helped them in enabling god mode.

To do this, open the folder where the game is installed and access the “7 days to die/data/config” directory to delete the config file. Now open Steam and choose the repair game option to fix the game’s files. This will help you toggle God mode if you are facing issues.

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