Fishing Planet: How To Get Demon Catfish

October 24, 2022
Catch the elusive Demon Catfish in Fishing Planet!

Fishing Planet offers a realistic fishing experience for gamers looking for it. As with most games, Fishing Planet is celebrating Halloween with an event where in one of the missions, players are tasked with catching the seasonal and rare Demon Catfish.

It is hinted by the quest description that the best spot to fish for Demon Catfish would be near the boat station at Saint-Croix Lake, especially during the afternoon.

How To Get Demon Catfish – Fishing Planet

Demon Catfish will only appear at Saint-Croix Lake.

While it is possible to catch Demon Catfish anywhere at the lake at any time of the day, they are more likely to appear during certain conditions.

It is specified that they have been seen near the boat station during the afternoon, so you should try to go there during that time.

Furthermore, you should also equip the Hell Frog as your bait as Demon Catfish will be specifically attracted to this kind of bait.

You may also use Infernal Ground Bait if you do not have any Hell Frogs on you, it won’t be as effective however.

With a bit of patience, you’ll eventually be able to catch a Demon Catfish.

The Demon Catfish is very recognizable from its regular counterpart because of its blue skin and protruding horns, which makes it very apparent why it was called a demon.