Fire Emblem: What Is Max Level

January 23, 2023
Want to know what the max level is in Fire Emblem? Well check out this guide to find out!

Fire Emblem is a great RPG which features anime characters. In this game, you need to roam around the open-world and follow the main storyline that the game has given. As you progress through Fire Emblem, you get to gain levels which help you become even stronger in-game. Many players don’t actually know what the player cap is in Fire Emblem. Not to worry. We are here to explain.

This guide will show you exactly what the max level is in Fire Emblem.

What Is Max Level

You begin the game normally as a level 1 character. There are different classes in Fire Emblem and they are separated into two different classifications:

  • Non-Promoted Classes
  • Promoted Classes

The max level in Fire Emblem for non-promoted classes is Level 20.

The max level in Fire Emblem for Promoted Classes is Level 99.

With the following information given, you now know exactly where your character currently stands and how long you have until you push it towards the max level. It is confirmed that there is a level cap in Fire Emblem.

We hope this guide has informed you well on what the max level cap is in Fire Emblem. Now go out there and level up gamers!