Find Here All Gift Codes and Redeem Codes – Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Published: 27 Mar 2022
Check out this guide to find all the gift and redeem codes for Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Players have the ability to enter gift codes to receive different gifts in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. There are various codes that can be redeemed to receive different rewards in the game.

In this guide, we will tell you all the codes available in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

All Gift Codes and Redeem Codes

In order to redeem codes, you need to head over to the Wadle Dee Delivery service. However, you will need to unlock it first by rescuing at least 50 Wadle Dees in the game.

This can be done when you reach the Eternal Blue Coast located in World 2. After you complete this task, you will be able to ask the guy at the Wadle Dee Delivery to redeem all the online and offline gift codes.

These gifts will then be spawned in front of Kirby’s house and you will be open them from there. Do note that you will need to enter these codes in capital letters to redeem them successfully.

Offline Gift Codes

These are the codes that you will be able to use in the game offline without being connected to an internet connection. Since these codes don’t have any expiration date, you will be able to find them at any point in time in the game. When you are near the code, Elfin will point you towards the nearest code. You will be then able to redeem them by heading to the Wadle Dee Delivery Service. Do note that you don’t have to find all the codes in the game and you can redeem them by entering them from the list below.

Offline CodesRewardArea
FIRST PASSWORD100 coinsOn the wall next to the Waddle Dee Delivery Service
KIRBYSTORY300 coinsTowards the lower right corner of the Wadle Dee Cinema
KIRBYTHEGOURMET1 rare stone 1 auto tamper cakeNear the floors on the roof of the Wadle Dee Cafe
BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM500 coins 1 Attack Boost  On top of the tent near the Colosseum
THANK YOU MET KNIGHT3 rare stonesOn the wall located on the right side of the entrance to the Colosseum (after you complete the game)
THANKYOUKIRBY                1000 coins 1 rare stoneAt the back of the Golden Kirby Statue (After rescuing all the Waddle Dees)

Online Codes

These codes can only be redeemed online with an internet connection and some of them can only redeem for a limited period of time due to their expiry date.

Online CodeRewards
CLEARDEMO300 coins  
NEW ADVENTURE300 coins 1 rare stone
MOUTHFULMODE100 Star coins Car-Mouth Cake (Available until April 25)
KIRBYMICROSITE150 Star Coins 1 Attack Boost (Available until June 10)

Do note that after you enter these codes, you will need to collect the reward in front of Kirby’s house. Only a single reward can be collected at a time so collect your reward before you proceed to redeem another code.

That’s it, these are all the codes that you can redeem in the game. Go ahead and enter them to collect some cool rewards!