FIFA 22 Mobile: Turkey Challenge Mode Event Guide

August 10, 2022
It’s time for Turkey Challenge Mode Event in FIFA 22 Mobile!

FIFA has always been known for the plenty of events and challenges, which are for the people from every part of the world. Right now, FIFA released the Turkey Challenge Mode, and if you don’t know how to participate in this awesome challenge, then we will help you out.

This guide will show you the Turkey Challenge Mode Event in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Mobile: Turkey Challenge Mode Event Guide

There are plenty of challenges and events in FIFA that players are able to enjoy periodically. All of these challenges have different difficulties and requirements that players have to fulfill as entry conditions.

The latest event, the Turkey Challenge Mode requires to have 4 Summer Vacation: Europe Players, and a minimum of 5 Turkish players to be able to enter the challenge.

If you don’t have any Turkish players, then you can easily purchase them through the market in the game.

Go into the market, and then search for Turkey in the Nations & Region.

Select Turkey and then you will be able to play some of the players.

Before you start purchasing the Turkish players, make sure to check which one you can get depending on your budget.

If you have enough for the high-end players then it could be perfect, but if not better get most of the mid-range players with a combination of 1 or 2 high-end players.