FIFA 21: How To Mute Voice Chat

With the excessive emphasis on communication in modern day gaming, it has become increasingly difficult to disable voice chat altogether in most games. It’s really strange not having the ability to mute your voice chat, but albeit, for most games there are unorthodox methods of disabling voice communication, the same goes for FIFA 21, and even previous installments of the franchise.

How To Mute Voice Chat – FIFA 21

Muting the voice chat will vary from platform to platform. Unfortunately, even FIFA 21 doesn’t have a built-in feature in the game to do this, despite all of the backlash for that in previous FIFAs.

We’ll cover how to mute the voice chat in FIFA 21 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC below:


On the PS4 slim, pro or regular, press and hold down the PS button on the controller. Navigate to Devices/Sound after that, and look for Game Chat Audio.

You can disable or enable the voice chat there.

Muting it on the PS5 is more complicated. Hit the PS button again, go to Game Base press Options and then ‘Go To Game Base’. Once you’re there, go all the way to the right to ‘Game Base Settings’ and click on it.

After that, navigate to Voice Chat Settings, and you’ll have some voice chat options, and indeed, the disable and enable option.


Like I said before, FIFA 21 doesn’t have a voice disabling feature, so you’ll have to disable it manually on your actual Xbox. To do that on the Xbox One generation of consoles, press and hold the ‘View’ button and wait for the menu to pop up.

When you see the menu, scroll all the way down to chat, and instead of having ‘Everyone’ selected, select the option you prefer. Actually, to disable it for the Xbox Series generation consoles is pretty much the same.


There are two ways to disable the voice chat on PC, one is through Origin, and one through the actual FIFA 21 launcher. I much prefer the latter because disabling it through Origin will still leave FIFA 21 thinking there is a microphone on and therefore disable all other voice communication programs, or make your voice muted on others.

That’s why, if you want to mute voice chat on PC, do it through the FIFA 21 launcher:

  1. Launch the FIFA 21 launcher.
  2. Navigate to the Game Settings.
  3. Click on the Audio Tab and hit ‘Disable Voice Chat’.

There might be a slight chance that EA are thinking of adding an option to mute voice chat through the game, and there are quite a few rumors circulating that it might happen soon.

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