Farthest Frontier: What To Build First | Building Guide

August 10, 2022
Here you can learn What to Build First in Farthest Frontier!

Farthest Frontier is a survival city builder that is on early access on Steam. Players can build their own village and completely manage it according to their wishes. There are also a lot of players that have no idea how to start building in the game and what are the priorities when it comes to what to build first.

In this guide, we will show you What to Build First in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier: What To Build First | Building Guide

Once you start the game and begin with your village, the first thing that you should build immediately is Basic Well, because you will need the water as a main resource at the beginning.

The next few things that you need to build is a gatherer’s hut as your Forager Shack. Make sure to build it around a lot of blackberries and a lot of things that you can pick up.

It shows all the foraging sources that can pick up in its range.

The next thing to build is the Firewood Splitter. This building will make the firewood to heat your homes.

Talking about the homes, you should build around four to six homes immediately.

The other thing which is really important is the Hunter Cabin.

You should build some roads in any direction, just to find some of the wild animals such as deer and start hunting.

After that, another important thing to build is a Fisherman Shack.

You should build a couple of them because they provide a lot of fish, and they can be great if you have a hard time finding animals to hunt and provide food.

Another thing which might be important is to leave some space for decorations.

Decorations will increase the desirability of your houses and homes, and then they will upgrade them right away once you reach 30% of your desirability bonus.

The next what you will want to build is the Smokehouse because it dries and cures meat and fish, greatly extending how long these foods keep before spoiling.

A constant supply of firewood is needed to keep the smokehouse operational.

Another thing which is recommended to build is the Basket shop because it will increase the amount of space that your citizens can carry.

Once you are done with all the buildings mentioned above, it is good to build the Stockyard. It is a place for villagers to stockpile building materials such as logs, stones, and planks.

You should build Stockyard close to your industry area just to reduce the travel time.