Farthest Frontier: How To Get Clay

August 11, 2022
Click here to find out how to obtain clay in the game!

Farthest Frontiers is a medieval village management simulator where you need to protect and guide the villagers in your town from the dangers of the world. You will need to harvest materials, hunt, fish and farm in order to survive while preparing yourself to battle against any threats outside.

This guide will tell you how to obtain clay in the game.

Farthest Frontier: How To Get Clay

In order to get clay, you need to reach atleast tier level 2 for your Town Center and you can upgrade using planks and other materials.

Once you manage to do so, you will find Clay Deposits on the different parts of the map.

This is where you build a Clay Deposit as the game doesn’t allow you to construct them anywhere else.

It takes some planks to build so make sure you have your Sawmill working and then you will have your own Clay Pit.

You can also convert these clays into bricks once you reach level tier 3 Town Hall and construct a Brick Yard in your town. The Clay is useful for building a lot of things such as a School or a Hospital in your town.

That’s it, now go ahead and build a Clay Pit to develop your town further!