Far Cry 6: Sagrado Checkpoint Key | How To Capture

October 5, 2021
There will be a lot of checkpoints that need to be captured in Far Cry 6. But capturing some might be different than others.

Specifically, I’m talking about the Sagrado checkpoint. It has a different way of capturing compared to other checkpoints on the map or in the game. But it is relatively easy to capture it, once you know what the deal is. Basically, you will need to show the FND who’s boss here to unlock the Sagrado checkpoint.

Sagrado Checkpoint Key | How To Capture – Far Cry 6

Like I said before, with these checkpoints, it is always something connected with showing FND who’s boss. What you need to do to unlock the Sagrado checkpoint is destroy the billboard.

The billboard in question is the one near the gates of the checkpoints. It will also be marked off, if you have the ability to capture the checkpoint.

It is the red billboard with FND lettering on in it. There are different ways to destroy it, like grenades, weapons, vehicles, and more.

We used a vehicle to do so, but as I said, grenades and weapons can be used as well.

Once you’re done with the checkpoint, you’ll need to continue with the objectives, which are getting to the radio tower that Juan mentioned.