Far Cry 6: Humidora Unique Shotgun Location | How To Unlock

October 5, 2021
There are a lot of unique weapons in this game, but the Humidora just feels special to wield in this action-shooter.

Now, for some reason, a lot of weapon crates in this game will be visible to players on the minimap. This was true in the beta, but it has caused some frustration. But from what we experienced, this game is definitely challenging. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the location for the Humidora unique shotgun, and how to unlock it.

Humidora Unique Shotgun Location – Far Cry 6

The Humidora has some strong stats, which make it a good weapon for any stage of the game. It has handling and velocity most, making it a very hybrid shotgun.

It has 150 rate of fire, and 7 shells in a magazine. The one which can be acquired in the world will have some unique mods as well. The location for the Humidora shotgun is Corto Cay in Isla Santuario. It’s located on the south on the top of a watch or light tower of sorts.

More specifically, here:

Once you get to this location, look for a big lighthouse or light tower. It is pretty hard to miss it. Its name is the Punto Este Lighthouse.

To get on the top of it, use your grapple. The Humidora shotgun is way on the top of the tower, so don’t stop until you get to the actual top of the lighthouse. Once you do, open the chest to get the Humidora unique shotgun.