Far Cry 6: How To Get Parkour Gear Set | Locations

October 4, 2021
The successor is finally here, and there is more gear, more weapons, more action, and more of everything!

Now, in Far Cry 6, there are whole gear sets that players can find throughout this unforgiving world. One of them is the Parkour gear set, and as the name suggests, it will greatly improve movement speed and stamina as well. If you’re looking for a speedy armor set, this is it. We outline how to get the Parkour gear set, and individual pieces’ locations!

How To Get The Parkour Gear Set | Locations – Far Cry 6

Parkour Shorts Location

The first piece of the armor are the shorts or leggings, which are located in the Quito Area, which is a rank 10 area. More specifically, you can find the parkour shorts here:

At this spot, there will be an antenna of sorts. Climb on it using the grapple, you’ll find a chest on the platform with the leggings inside.

Parkour Cap Location

The second piece of this gear set is the Parkour Cap. It is located just north of the area for the shorts, near Oro Puro Ridge.

Look for a platform with a ladder near the blue tent, and you’ll find a chest containing the cap!

Parkour Hoodie Location

The hoodie is located east of the last area far on the edge of the isles. More specifically, you’ll find the Parkour Hoodie here in the Libertad crate:

Parkour Kicks Location

The fourth piece of the armor set is north of Oro Puro Ridge. It is inside of a cave area with water. However, keep in mind that the crate is inside the water:

Parkour Strap Location

And the last one is located nearby, just south of the cave where the Parkour Kicks can be found. The crate is under the blue tent.

That includes all pieces for the movement and stamina gear set in Far Cry 6!