Far Cry 6: Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide | Sobek Special Sniper Rifle

October 6, 2021
There are a lot of treasure hunts in Far Cry 6. One of them is Cache Money treasure hunt, and it might be difficult to complete.

To complete this treasure hunt, players will need to unravel the secrets of the military storage facility. What secrets might this facility contain? This treasure hunt is located in the Oasis Plains of Aguas Lindas. The game will suggest that only authorized FND personnel have the clearance needed to enter these bunkers and areas. This is the Cache Money treasure hunt full guide!

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide – Far Cry 6

What you need to do first is make your way on the roof of the first structure to the left of the entrance. There is a ladder from outside the building.

Once you do, you’ll find a control panel with a couple of buttons. You’ll need to interact with this panel:

Once you do, you’ll need to be very quick for the next part. The moment you interact with the panel, use a weapon and shoot inside the bunker 2 area (the doors will be open for a brief second).

When something inside explodes, the hatch on the top will open. Make your way to it. Inside of bunker 2, you’ll find another hatch. Open it and make your way down.

Keep following the path until you reach the end of the hallway and enter another room. There, shoot the locks on the door of the fenced off area, and take the keycard inside from the shelves.

Open the door opposite of the fenced off area with it. Then, you’ll enter a nicely decorated office. Underneath the desk, there is a control panel similar to the one in the beginning. Interact with it, and a hidden door will open.

After that, you only need to loot the chest in front of you to complete the Cache Money treasure hunt. You’ll receive the Sobek Special Sniper Rifle.