Far Cry 6: Armonia Criptograma Chest Locations & Solution

October 4, 2021
Far Cry 6 is finally here, and as expected, the game and the world inside it is enormous.

There will be chests that players will come across, which will require some sort of puzzle to be solved. These are criptograma chests, and players will have to find the missing criptogramas to unlock the chest. In Armonia, there is a criptograma chest that will require two criptogramas to unlock. Let’s go over the locations and the solution to this puzzle!

Armonia Criptograma Chest Locations & Solution – Far Cry 6

The chest in question is not actually located inside of Armonia, but just north of this little town. It’s at the front door of the little house that’s on the main road.

It isn’t yet known whether which criptogramas are missing is random, but for me, there was only two criptograma missing. One is the #1 Yaran Flag criptograma and the other is the #6 Royal Palm.

The first one is located behind the house in a big pipe sticking outside the ground, more specifically, here:

Simply duck inside of the pipe, and you should see it on the wall.

As for the second criptograma which is the #6 Royal Palm, it is located on the roof of the house, hanged on some bricks by the car seat:

Upon collection of the two criptogramas, go back to the chest and interact with it to unlock it. This is how you get the Hazmat Gloves MK II.