Fall Guys: All Spartan Helmet Locations

Published: 1 Aug 2022
Let’s find All Spartan Helmet Locations in Fall Guys!

Fall Guy is a platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic. You play as a bean-like character who must survive going through a series of challenges. In the game, you can customize your adorable bean characters in a variety of different colors, patterns, faceplates, and even costumes and outfits. The cosmetics can be bought eighter through use of in-game currency, unlocking items during a season, bought in DLC packs, or as free rewards from the developers.

In this guide, we will show you All Spartan Helmet Locations in Fall Guys!

Fall Guys: All Spartan Helmet Locations

Tip Toe

This is the first helmet to be found which is located directly under the front and center tiles. You just have to clear the tiles, hop down and grab your helmet. Don’t worry, after you jump down, you will respawn.

Gate Crash

This one is pretty easy to spot. It is exactly at the finish line. Make sure to stay in the center of the slide and grab the helmet as you jump over the center gate.

Thin Ice

This location is a bit tricky. You can find the helmet in the very center of the ice tiles. You can collect it as soon as the top center ice tile has been cleared.

Dizzy Heights

The helmet of this level can be found right between the two pillars at the center of the level by the first set of spinning platforms in the air.

Big Shot

This one might be the hardest one to get. It is hanging in the air out of jumping reach taunting you. There are only 3 ways to get the helmet.

First, you can tilt the platform to one side and then jump from an elevated height towards it. Second, stand in front and center and wait for one of the objects out of the cannon to knock you into it.

Third, grab a basketball and stand directly underneath in hopes it will blast you directly upward. To get this helmet it might take some luck and timing.

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