Fade Agent Tips & Tricks: Valorant

Published: 27 Apr 2022
Check out this guide to find out how to better utilize Fade in Valorant!

There are plenty of different characters with unique abilities that players can choose from in Valorant. In this guide, we will tell you all the tips and tricks to using Fade in the game

Fade Agent Tips & Tricks: Valorant

Fade is a Turkish bounty hunter belonging to the Initiator class of agents. She can use her abilities to reveal the location of her enemies and trap them in a particular area. Having her as a part of your team can be really helpful for tracking and hunting down your opponents in the game.

These are all the abilities that Fade possesses and how you can use them:

Haunt (E):

This ability allows her to fire an orb which will touch the ground after 1.5 seconds. Once it touches the ground, it will transform into a nightmarish entity and reveal the location of enemies in its line of sight for a period of 12 seconds.

However, your enemies will be able to destroy it and you will no longer be able to track them. You will be able to use this ability for free and using it early in the game to gain an advantage by revealing the location of the opposing team

It can also be useful in scenarios  where there is a lot of crossfire and your enemy is hiding in a location so you can throw the orb to reveal their location to get them out of hiding

Prowler (C)

This ability will allow you to shoot a Prowler that will travel in a straight line and lock onto enemies or trails to chase them. Once it gets near an enemy, it will target that enemy blinding and deafening them with blue smoke.

You will be able to control the direction of this Prowler by holding the fire button in the game. There are a total of two charges available of the Prowler which will cost you 300 credits each and only one creature will lock onto the trail of your enemies.

It can be useful in situations where you need to push the enemy out of hiding or chase someone running away from you.

Seize (Q)

You will be able to throw an orb that will eventually touch the ground after a period of 1.5 seconds and decay enemies lying in its Area of Effect. The enemies will be tethered to the ground and won’t be able to escape the zone created by the orb.

The zone will expand to a radius of 7 diameters and the enemies caught in it will suffer 75 decay damage. Your opponents won’t be able to shoot the orb to escape the zone and you will be able to reactivate the ability by paying 200 credits

This ability can be especially helpful in situations where you want to lock your enemies in a place and then throwables like grenades or Molotov to kill them quickly

Nightfall (X)

It will send a powerful wave of energy that can travel through walls creating a trail that can deafen and decay your enemies. This wave of dark mist will result in your enemies getting trailed and suffering from decaying for a period of 12 seconds.

With a cost of 7 ultimate points, you will be able to use this ability to prevent the opposing team from pushing toward the objective. The trails created as an effect will not reduce their health but also allow you to track them down to their location.

Thanks to the deafening and decaying effect, your enemies won’t be able to see you hunting them down so you will be able to kill them without facing much resistance.

These abilities make Fade a really powerful agent who can turn the tide in the favor of your team by revealing the location of your opponents and hunting them down. You will push enemies out of their hiding by using the Haunt or capture them in a particular location by using her Seize.

The Prowling ability will help you chase or push enemies away from you and defeat them by weakening them with the decay effect

You will be easily able to target enemies as well as support your teammates with the wide range of abilities at your disposal making Fade a really versatile agent. By playing Fade, you will be easily able to dominate the opponent team by using her skills at the right time and in situations

That’s it, now go ahead and use Fade in the game to clutch your way towards victory!

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