F1 Manager 22: How To Manage A Wet Race

September 2, 2022
Master the art of managing a wet race in F1 Manager 22!

F1 Manager 22 is the official racing management simulation game that allows one to manage the drivers and rosters of their constructor team and lead them to victory. Every decision or strategy you choose will directly impact the performance of your team out on the track

This guide will tell you how to manage a wet race in the game.

How To Manage A Wet Race in F1 Manager 22

Racing on wet circuits can be treacherous and it’s important for you to create the perfect strategy to manage a race during wet conditions.

For this race, we will be initially using Medium to Hard tires for both the cars as they probably going to be changed anyways with the weather.

After the race begins, you can see the weather prediction with the percentage of chance that it might rain mentioned in the top right corner of the screen.

You can also check the strategy view to get an estimated time of when the weather change will arrive in the race as well as the optimal pit window highlighted by the Turquoise bar.

The trajectory in the Pit Window tells you exactly when you should change your tires, usually drivers start complaining when the tires are at 30% wear

Once it starts raining, the track will become slippery and your drivers will start losing their grip on the circuit. This is where you should exactly pit them to manage the race better.

First, you should change your tires to Intermediate from Mediums if you are facing light to medium rain showers.

During the pit stop, you should watch out for other drivers and the compounds they are using as it will affect the rest of the race.

If you take a look at the suggested compounds then they clearly tell that:

  • Dry Tracks (0-1mm of rain): Soft, Medium and Hards
  • Damp Tracks (1-4mm of rain): Intermediates
  • Wet Tracks (4+mm of rain): Wets

This is why you should keep an eye on the top right corner where you check the current amount of rainfall that has occurred as well as the grip levels on the track.

Checking the amount of rain will allow us to immediately change to the best tires that can be used in the situation.

If the amount of rain goes up and increases further toward the 4mm mark then you need to immediately change to wet compounds to gain the first mover advantage over your rivals. Pit both of your drivers to change the tires on the cars.

Once the rain slows down, everyone will be using wet tires so you can be quick enough to switch back to Mediums or Hard for a few laps depending on the scenario if you manage to grab a pit stop opportunity.

Do note that the rain conditions can change very quickly so you could be going from fully wet to damp in a matter of seconds.

After starts drying up the biggest question that you will face is whether you should take a pit stop and switch back to dry tires at the risk of getting overtaken by your rivals.

The answer depends on the split time between your drivers and their nearest opponent so you need to make a call depending on that. If other drivers decided to swap their compounds too then it won’t be much of an issue.

That’s it, now go ahead and use your pit management skills to get the best performance even in rainy conditions!