F1 23: How To Turn Off Equal Performance

June 19, 2023
Learn how to disable the equal car performance in F1 23

F1 23 is the latest instalment in the popular racing game series, bringing plenty of gameplay changes and improvements. It also features a co-op career mode that allows players to enjoy the game with their friends. However, many players have been complaining about an equal performance that limits the potential of the cars to provide a level playing field.

This guide will tell you how to turn off equal performance mode in F1 23.

How To Turn Off Equal Performance F1 23

The equal performance mode basically puts a cap on the true potential of the players and tries to create a level playing field. While it might seem reasonable it can be really annoying if you like to enjoy your race realistically.

Thankfully, the developers of Codemasters have provided an official workaround to fix this issue until it gets patched in a future update. If you are the host of the career mode then go to Multiplayer and select the Social Play option.

Create a new session and set the lobby settings to No (Open) Lobby.

In the lobby menu, select the Multiplayer Event Settings option and then click on Lobby Options.

Change the car category in the lobby options to F1 2023 from F1 World Car.

Now go back and head over to the Simulation Settings option in the Multiplayer Event Settings.

Finally set the Equal Car Performance toggle to OFF and this will disable equal performance for all cars allowing you to race more realistically akin to real life.

When you create a new session in the Two Player Career mode, you will notice that the equal car performance is disabled allowing players with the fastest car to win.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to disable the equal car performance mode!