F1 22: How To Negotiate Contracts

September 1, 2022
Learn how to negotiate contracts and save your money!

F1 Manager 22 is the official racing management simulation game that allows one to manage the drivers and rosters of their constructor team and lead them to victory. Every decision or strategy that you choose will directly impact the performance of your team out on the track.

During every season, you will be able to renew or create contracts to hire them for your team and it’s important you negotiate those contracts so you don’t end up overpaying to get the driver of your choice.

This guide will tell you how to negotiate contracts in the game.

How To Negotiate Contracts in F1 22

You can either renew the contract of your existing driver or look for a new driver by replacing them.

By clicking on the Scout for Replacement option, you can find alternative drivers that replace your current driver.

This will show you a list of all the available drivers in the game.

The biggest thing to look out for is the stats shown on the right side of the screen.

You have the Patience for Negotiation as well as the Negotiation Attitude and if you are a big team like Ferrari then most drivers will be willing to negotiate with you.

However, if you find a driver who is not interested then you won’t be able to hire them by sending a contract.

You also need to pay attention if other drivers get poached by your rivals.

If a driver is open to negotiation then it does not mean that is guaranteed that you can secure the driver. You can either perform a scanned scouting or detailed scouting to know more about them.

The scanned scouting reveals their performance rating and their growth potential as well as their aggression.

Detailed scouting on the other hand lets you know about their morale, their salary and their cash bonuses which are the most important factors when it comes to negotiating contracts.

When you are proposing a contract to a new driver, you will also have to pay the cost of breaking the contract with your current driver. Make sure that you have enough money if you are looking to do a driver swap.

For example, a rich team like Ferrari has 28 million in the bank so they can easily pay money to their current as well as their new drivers.

After you have proposed the contract, the incoming driver will let you know whether he is happy with the terms and conditions of your contract.

For example, Lando Norris is happy with the Driver Position and Contract Length but he doesn’t like the salary we offered him so he declined our contract.

You can now go back to the negotiation table to offer him another contract with a more lucrative deal.

If the driver has high patience and is open to negotiation then you can get a few shots before you manage to successfully close the deal.

To make the deal sweeter, you can offer new drivers a Starting Bonus and Race Bonus along with a Race Target where achieving a certain position on the grid will also give them an additional bonus.

If you set this bonus threshold to 1st place only then drivers will less likely to view it favourably but if you set it realistically then drivers might consider your offer.

This is the reason you should perform detailed scouting of your driver as it will reveal all the key info that you need to negotiate better.

Once you do full 30-day scouting, you will be able to know their current salary as well as other bonuses to gain a hand during the negotiation and make the process easier.

You can either match or offer them a better salary than their existing one to bring them to your side.

As you try to negotiate with the driver, their patience will slowly wear out if they don’t like the contract that you are offering.

Once the driver is happy with the contract that you have proposed, he will accept it and then you will be able to hire him on your team.

You will need to break the contract of your current driver if you have one already and pay him the cost of breaking the contract before you hire your new driver.

Another thing that you will notice is the Buyout Fee that your new driver has left in his contract and this is something you can find out if you perform detailed 30-day scouting. After you pay these fees, your new driver will be hired and become a part of your team.

The best way to negotiate a contract is to perform 30-day detailed scouting so you know everything in advance and secure the driver at a reasonable cost.

Another thing that you should notice is that if you are playing as a lower-ranked team then your team won’t appear as attractive to the best drivers out there. Most of the drivers will have a “Not Interested” negotiation attitude and there are few ways to improve their attitude.

Go to your facilities and here you will need to improve your Staff Facilities in order to boost your Team Attractiveness.

As you upgrade your Team Hub, your team will become more attractive to other drivers.

None of the car developments has an impact on the negotiation attitude of other drivers.

Operations Facilities is another area that you need to work on with a focus on aspects such as the Board Room, Hospitality area, Helipad and Memorabilia Room which can increase the overall attractiveness of your team.

Basically, these are all the areas that make your team more appealing and favourable to other drivers and staff as well.

That’s it, now go ahead and negotiate the best contract for your new driver!