F1 22: Controller Settings Guide

July 4, 2022
Check out the Controller Settings in F1 22!

It’s always a better choice to use a racing wheel in racing games such as F1 22, but that doesn’t mean that everyone owns one. If you recently got the new F1 22 and you have only your controller, we prepared the best controller settings for you to keep full control of your car while breaking records at the stunning circuits in F1 22.

In this guide, we will show you the Controller Settings in F1 22!

F1 22: Controller Settings Guide

We all know that the racing wheel is the best option to use while playing the F1 22. Also, if you are left with your controller, it could be a good experience to drive with it if you have set up the best controller settings.

ERS Mode Settings

This a more of a subjective setting and you could leave it at default if you wish to. You can set it on Toggle or Hold. This allows you to select how you wish to deploy overtake mode. Hold requires the button to be pressed down whilst you want to overtake deployed. Toggle allows you to switch it on and off with a single button press.

Hold can be really useful if you are one of the players that are always forgetting to deactivate the extra power again.

On the other way, you may want to leave the ERS mode activated over longer periods of time, and holding a button might distract you from precise inputs with your steering thumb. You just have to test what you prefer and choose accordingly.  


The calibration menu is the first place where you have to start when setting up your controller. It gives you an option to test that all of the functions and inputs are working correctly on your controller.

To do that, you have to start with the button test by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

You have to move your analog stick from side to side to check that your steering inputs are being recognized. Flick your left stick 100 to the left and -100 to the right to see if you can access the full range of motion.

If the steering numbers at both ends don’t match 100 you will have to increase the specific option from the calibration menu by a bit. This is vital for you to be able to access the full range of motion from the controller.

Repeat the same step with both triggers to ensure your brake and throttle inputs are being correctly read.

Adjusting the Calibration Settings

Calibration settings include a deadzone, linearity, and saturation setting for all three inputs.

  • Deadzone: An indicator of how much is needed to move or press an input before it’s registered. Increasing this setting for the throttle, braking, or steering will increase the deadzone at the start of the input.
  • Linearity: This option changes the linearity curve of your input. Changes the sensitivity of the inputs towards the start of their motion. Adjusting your linearity will make your steering inputs to be much less sensitive.
  • Saturation: Increases the overall sensitivity of your inputs. If you increase this setting, it will reduce how far you have to press a trigger or move your analog stick to achieve the same amount of input. A very useful option if you are not able to register 100 on any of the button tests.

Controller Calibration Settings

  • Steering deadzone – 3
  • Steering linearity – 40
  • Steering saturation – 0
  • Throttle deadzone – 0
  • Throttle linearity – 50
  • Throttle saturation – 0
  • Brake deadzone – 0
  • Brake linearity – 35
  • Brake saturation – 0

Controller Force Feedback Settings

  • Vibration & Force feedback strength – 150
  • On track effects – 100
  • Rumble Strip effects – 100
  • Off Track effects – 75
  • Wheel damper – 50
  • Understeer enhance – On
  • Maximum wheel rotation – 290

These settings in F1 22 affect controllers in the same way like they do with a racing wheel.

Customize Controls

This is the last part of the controller settings where you have to set your button bindings. You can change the action of each button on your controller and what it controls in game.

The default assigned buttons in F1 22 are pretty ok. However, you could change a few inputs such as the look inputs. They will be set to be controlled by the right analog stick and because you rarely use this camera feature while racing because you already have a good vision from the in-game camera.

You can change the four inputs at your analog stick with the control to your brake bias and on-throttle differential because both these settings are used a lot in the game giving you very quick control over making car adjustments in between corners.

How to change button mapping in F1 22

  1. Open settings menu, then navigate to “Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback”.
  2. Select the racing wheel or controller that you use. Then click “Edit mappings”.
  3. Scroll the list to select the input that you desire to change.
  4. Click the input you want to change, and then press the button you want to change in to.
  5. Save and leave the menu.