F1 22: Barcelona Setup Guide

Published: 3 Jul 2022
Check out the Barcelona Setup Guide in F1 22!

The Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya is a very popular track and surprisingly it was a little updated and reworked for the new F1 22. Here in the game, it is very crucial to have the right setup for your car in order to own the track. If you have a hard time beating the lap time in Catalunya, check the best setup for this track.

In this guide, we will show you the Barcelona Setup in F1 22!

F1 22: Barcelona Setup Guide

  • Aerodynamics

The downforce has to be very balanced for this track if you want to get a higher top speed.

We highly recommend Front Wing Aero 24, and Rear Wing Aero 36 to be able to keep the throttle through the long corners.

  • Transmission

A very decisive part of the setup that will transfer all the power to the wheels.

Keep Differential Adjustment On Throttle at 85% to get extra stability to the rear while going through the corners.

For the Differential Adjustment Off Throttle use around 50%.

  • Suspension Geometry

Camber angle defines how the wheel sits vertically. Keep the right camber to get the best tyre contact with the track surface.

We recommend -2.60 front camber and -2.00 rear camber, combined with 0.05 front toe and0.20 rear toe.

  • Suspension

One of the most crucial configurations that will keep you stable while conquering the corners with higher speeds.

For this track, we recommend Front Suspension 6, and Rear Suspension 3, along with 5 on Front Anti-Roll Bar and 2 on Rear Anti-Roll Bar.

For the Ride Height, we go with 2 for the Front and 3 for the Rear to obtain some more rear downforce.

  • Brakes

Knowing that this track doesn’t have many corners where you have to push hard on your brakes, but always keep the brakes in the best performance for additional safety.

For the best performance, you should keep your Brake Pressure at 100%, and the Front Brake Bias at 56%.

  • Tyres

The high speed is going to be very decisive for this circuit, meaning the tire pressure has to be right if you want to reach even higher speed.

For the best performance of the tyres, we recommend 25.0psi on the front tyres, and 23.0psi on the rear tyres. This will give a perfect balance.